South American Cruiser Cost?


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Good Day Everyone! I am a long-time lurker and live abroad, so I'm not always on the site. I recently moved from Saudi Arabia to Colombia, and am looking for your thoughts on the purchase of a Toyota Burbuja, as they call them locally. I owned a 1994 FZJ80 for six years in Saudi and enjoyed having the manual transmission, console refrigerator, rear AC and dual OEM tanks. We did lots of great trips in the desert. Unfortunately, when we moved this spring, I couldn't take the green beauty with me. Here she is in her sandy glory:
LC in Desert.jpg

Now that I am in Colombia, and will be here for a few years, I'm looking to purchase a similar vehicle. I've found a few that are in amazing condition but I'm having trouble gauging what one would be worth. This is an example:

1997 GX Land Cruiser
79000 km original miles (yes, verified by a reputable Toyota shop)
OEM Winch in OEM bumper
Dual tanks
Rear AC for passengers
Manual transmission with part-time transfer case
Console refrigerator
No rust, original paint and any parts that have been replaced have been OEM.

Now, here's the (literally) million-peso question. In USD, what do you think a vehicle like this is worth? I don't have any great pictures I can load, but it's almost like buying new, a time capsule as if it walked off the lot just yesterday and yet 20+ years ago. Thanks for your opinions, or if you have any experience with South American 80s, thanks for sharing your story.


I'm not sure about the colombian Market. But that rig, across the border, would be around 15-16k any day.


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1997 GX Land Cruiser - one of the last made - this would be a great buy. I'd put in the transmission cooler radiator if not already installed.

I'm guessing (SWAG) that this would sell for at least COP 120 million, if you're lucky. We paid USD 19,000 for our Series 80 in 2017 (UK-registered, bought it in Nairobi). There are lots of Burbujas on the Caribbean coast (Santa Marta region), however most of them have a lot of Km on them.

(We live in Colombia by the way).


I'm not sure about the colombian Market. But that rig, across the border, would be around 15-16k any day.
With that specs and low kilometers would be over $15k easily ... even low $20ks at least here in Peru with not so many 80 series 1fz-fe around these lands.

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We met a guy in Cali, Colombia refurbing Landcruisers and shipping them back to Canada by container. There is profit there.