Source for older Uhaul van box corner parts?


I've read here that the older aluminum Uhaul boxes were a good base for a build as there are parts readily available to repair them as they are built like a Mechano set. The box I have on my truck has rounded aluminum extrusions in the corners. Three of the four on the back are all broken in the corners near the door. I want to replace these before I permanently seal the doors closed and insulate it. Anybody know of a source?


Those extrusions are proprietary, no one else will have them.
Although Uhaul will sell you the parts, they are expensive new, really expensive. Your best bet is to either go to Uhaul & buy a used truck with a good box as I did, them remove the parts needed & sell or junk the rest, or more likely, call around to junkyards to see who has old Uhaul trucks in stock & pirate what you need from that.
They are great starting points for a build (in my opinion) as they are very adaptable & changeable.

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My other thought was to weld the pieces all back together if I can't find replacements or I was going to check with a truck body manufacturer in Edmonton who uses aluminum extrusions and see if they have something close I can adapt. Worse case is I build them from Aluminum.

Those ones on Ebay are outside corner caps, , but I chenged the search and did find some on Ebay. Hope the shipping doesn't kill me.


Thanks for the Ebay link. $9.08 for the parts and $30.00 for shipping, Welcome to Canada, free trade my ***, but they got you by the short and curly's so what can you do. At least I'll get the box repaired before all the Insulation goes in.