Soooo....I got stuck! Any recovery advice?


I followed my friend to his property in Alabama and made a few bad decisions (rushed in, didn't have a game plan, didn't step back to assess the next steps when we hit the mud). Anyways, How would you recommend getting out?

In short, my buddy thought the valley would be the easy part and the rutted out steep road ahead would be the hard. He starts going up, thinks it's too tough, backs up and blocks my progress and there's no turn around room near us, so I back up, start sliding off into a pond, go forward and get stuck. He is sitting in mud, everything we try just results in me getting deeper and we thought my truck was blocking the exit road. We set up a game plan of getting his 97 land cruiser up the trail a little further so he can turn around. We cut back a lot of brush and he manages to get around the LR3. By that time, the Rover is prety deep and he is unable to tow me out (he lacked traction, lR3 is pretty heavy).

stuck rover in alabama.jpg

He had a chainsaw and hatchet, chain, and I had recovery straps. Really wish I had shovel with me. My brother told me about the come along winch, which I'd never heard of before and would absolutely have purchased prior given it's so cheap. Wish I had that with me!

Would y'all recommend Maxtrax/TREDs? Are there any good Atlanta Offroad stores where I coudl buy these?

Anyways, it's 2 hours away in Alabama, so I'm working on a solid rescue plan before I head back out there. We may have a neighbor with a 4x4 tractor to help us out, but I'd like to here your advice if that doesn't pan out. (more pics)


Well done! That's proper stuck. I say a good shovel and recovery strap or kinetic strap. Dig out a channel in the direction you want to be pulled out to keep from hanging up on the suspension.


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Maxtrax would get you out I suppose. But they're pricey.

Bring a few shovels, some come alongs and some type of land anchor if there aren't any big enough trees around.

Take pics and show us how you get out.

Oh and skip the boots. Just go barefoot.


If the LR is spinning all 4s, dig & stuff with rocks/wood/anything may work, but I would attempt a winch rescue if at all possible, find a place to anchor the rescue vehicle and take your time to plan every step, with very careful gas on the LR (try to not spin tires at all).


Hey, not wild about the color, but Im in Ala and looking for an LR3/4. Where's it at? Did you leave the keys in it? :)

Seriously though, a shovel and Maxtrax/TREDs and you can get that truck out, you'll need a very large pull weight come-along, a farm jack / Hi-Lift is much more efficient in pulling power.
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Using a snatch block with the winch option would assist, just keep in mind you'll want to break the suction of the mud (again) when you return to the scene before extracting.

Personally I'd buy once/cry once with maxtrax for the next time. 2 pair are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. In the interim boards and full size shovels can do the job.

More pics!

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you can use a hi-lift jack as a come-a-long too, but it's a LOT of work.

Looks like your tires are quite clogged - all season or street tires?
Mud LOVES them... eats 'em up like gummy bears.


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Sorry for the intrusion of a Toyota/Jeep guy...

Be sure to REALLY dig around your tires before attempting a recovery. You need to be sure that you're fighting as little suction as possible. Traction mat devices will help here but I'd recommend a winch recovery. If you don't have a winch available (but have good recovery points) you can use one of these guys to help: (Use a snatch block to double your pulling power)

Good luck!


I'd lift one side at a time with a Hi-Lift jack, fill the trenched ruts where the tires were sitting with branches while each side is up, lower it and drive back out.
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Hey dude! Congrats on getting her stuck. I just ordered the Maxsa EB traction mats a couple weeks ago. Haven't gotten to take them out yet. If you want to borrow them, hit me up on PM.


I'll go out on a limb and say MaxTrax will be useless here , but I think they're pretty useless in most situations . A shovel , and winch , and some manpower is what I'd use...

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Jack up the drivers side and put crap under the drive wheels. Currently, you are probably bottomed out on that side. I think you can use the factory jack, just put a piece of wood under it for a jack base. DO NOT use a hi lift. At that angle, it'll pivot into your body work, damaging your vehicle.

Then use the tractor to do a rear recovery. If you remove the rear cover on the back bumper of the LR3, there is a rear recovery point you can use. The tractor should be able to walk you out after that.

Other than a pair of gloves and a recovery strap, shouldn't cost you much.

I'd offer to help but I am unavailable and my 109 is down. My 109 is heavy and with my kinetic rope, I could pop you right out of there.

Also, I recommend you do a recovery ASAP. Too many times I've seen people leave a stuck/disabled vehicle in the woods, only to come back and find it damaged/robbed/etc.


First things first. Well done on getting pictures. :)

Secondly, shovels to dig away around all 4 wheels, you need them to be able to move in whatever direction you are recovering it.

The front and rear recovery points are STRONG, they are more than man enough to take the pull.

If you are going back with a tractor and a strong rope. Then take it easy. I would let the tractor pull you out. Leave it in neutral but with engine running for steering etc.

Also, from seeing stuck cars being stripped for bits or set on fire. Get it out ASAP!!

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