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This past weekend I borrowed my friends homemade trailer for a trip to the Cove, a privately owned 3000 acre orv park in the Virginia mountains . Its made from a Land Rover series 2a 109 aluminum body tub. The lid,also all aluminum, he made from a 2a 88 roof. The frame was salvaged from a wrecked d90 so it has the coil suspension. He removed the axle inards and cut the radius off the bottom of the pumpkin for increased clearance offroad. The trailer is still a work in progress as he plans to galv the frame before painting etc. The tongue is nice and long with a lock and roll hitch.The lid easily opens with the full size Eez Awn. It was hard to give it back sunday evening.


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now that is awesome!!!! I have toyed with a similar idea using tundra parts.

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I did a similar trailer in the 80's from an 88 tub. Cut the chassis off right in front of the tub, welded a plate across then cut 4"dia hole in the center and used an old steel pipe I had for the tongue that I welded a lunette to. It ran from the lunette all the way back to the rear cross member and was welded to the chassis in 3 places.
Sadly I had to sell it when I moved from VT to VA. :(