Solenoid Air Control Valve


Anyone know how to connect an upfitter switch(s) to one or two Solenoid Air Control Valves to adjust the pressure on my air bags from 10psi to 50psi, and back?

I positioned the Schrader valves for my Firestone air bags in a location that is a little inconvenient to reach assuming there would be little reason to change pressure once an optimum was determined. Now my wife and I realize that we can reduce the climb into the camper by lowering the air bags to 10psi, so that means going from 10psi to 50 and back every day.

Since we have on-board air it seems like a fairly simple project using these or something similar, possibly just a manual rotary knob.

What is the easy solution? Or is there one? I prefer the switch idea but don’t want to make this a major project. The upper pressure, 50psi, should be adjustable.