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I have an offroad trailer which has served me well for many many miles behind the Jeep. I had a situation come up and I must sell this trailer THIS WEEK! The larger wheels and tires are gone with the TJ Wrangler, but these tires are good and are no problem to run cross country at highway speeds until you put your favorite wheels and tires on. 31/10.5/15 muds fit like a glove. This is a Dexter TorFlex axle so the hubs can be changed for your bolt pattern. Of cours, the RTT has been removed as well. I have two side boxes which can be remounted if you want them as well. The tongue length is adjustable, and the deck is Marine Grade Plywood,with Linex. Axle tube sits 14 inches off the ground even with the small street tires, so lots of ground clearance. 3000# axle. Bed area is 48" wide x 60" long and if you include the triangle where a tongue box might usually go it is 7' long. Since the tongue adjusts the overall length carries. Outside fender to fender is 6' 1". It was made for a Jeep. Entire surface has been LineX coated.
I need to sell this quickly, and it would be an awesome builder for someone.
$600.00 cash this week. Located in Cincinnati area, and will travel 2 hours in any direction to meet.



Learning To Live
Oh, Yes those posts are for mounting boxed and a rooftop tent or bike or kayak racks or..... They are welded 2 ' tubing and can hold a ton! Or more. The height of the bed right now even with the street tires on it is about 28 inches and the top of the rack pillers is just under 48". Obviously with larger tires it goes up by about 6-7 inches. Low enough to keep center of gravity low and high enough to function right at the average working height. Sitting level with my lifted WJ.
And did I mention it is completely welded frame trailer...not Harbor Freight junk for $600.00?
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Learning To Live
Thank you Gers64007 for coming through on such a short notice!
Can't wait to see what you are going to create with this man!

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