SOLD - Vagabond Drifter for Sale


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I have a Vagabond Drifter for a 5ft bed Tacoma (currently on my 3rd gen). The Drifter will be available starting on 31 July. I’ve owned it for about a year and 5 months and it’s in great condition. It can be easily adapted to the 2nd gen through Vagabond. It has the following options:

-Maxxair Fan (Phil wired in reverse as well)
-Drivers side front runner windoor
-full black powdercoat (top & bottom)
-lower level lighting
-overhead ceiling light
-insulation package
-Sliding rear window
-Alucab Shadow awn
-Blue Sea Fuse block and breaker with raised Vagabond panel (comes with stock corner panel as well)
-Baja Designs squadron lights on the rear (super bright and work great!)
- L-Track for the roof

I also will include a 1/2” raw wood base if you want a head start on a build. Also, have an optional Off Grid Engineering dual battery system (“Offroad use only”) for an extra fee. Located in San Diego, CA. I may possibly drive up to Vagabond to transfer; however, will need a deposit to make the trip (or somewhere within a reasonable distance of San Diego). No complaints with the unit, it’s a solidly built camper that will likely outlast the truck (I will likely get another in the future).

- Ryan


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I might be interested. Still for sale? What has to be done to fit a 2nd gen?

How are you using the windoor? I’m curious cause I see a lot of drivers side only? I would think you’d want it on the P side away from traffic and under the awning? Do you know if a drivers side windoor can be added by Vagabond?

Also, can you tell me how much room there is with the bed deployed to stand up in the truck bed?


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Yeah - it’s still for sale. To fit a 2nd gen a rear tailgate flap has to be changed. Also, if you have stock bed caps a different cab wall bulb seal will also be needed.
I usually put items I want access to on the drivers side. I find it easier than walking around to the passenger side. Also, if you’re planning on a buildout, it’s nice to be able to put a tall cabinet on the passenger side (as an example the goose gear interior is structured that way). I would think that Vagabond could add a windoor, but you’d have to confirm through them. It would also reduce/change the insulation on the passenger side.For the DCSB, the height is 6'-7" at the cab wall.
For 2nd gens with Factory bed caps on the DCSB, the height is 6'-7" at the cab wall. It’s 8’6” at the peak (near the tailgate). For the 3rd gen it’s 1.1” higher then the 2nd gen.