SOLD***Used, Working Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000 Winch - Burlington, VT - $350


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Update: This winch will include a new 100' Warn steel winch cable courtesy of RNphoto (Zack) on the forum. Thanks Zack!

I have a deal for someone in search of a used, WORKING, high-end Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000 winch. It could use a few hours of work in the garage (see below) but works as-is. $350 including new cable.

The good:

- This is a working winch. No mechanical problems other than one shorter than factory wire mounting stud.
- The tie bars are straight.

The bad:

- Powder coating is coming off and there is some corrosion. This winch should be sanded, properly taped off, and repainted to protect it well into the future.
- One of the studs on the winch for a solenoid wire lead snapped in half when removing a corroded nut. There is enough stud left that it can be put back together as is, however the "right" way to do it would be to remove the motor assembly and replace the stud. Any starter or alternator repair shop should be able to do this quite easily if you need help.
- Reassembly will require new nuts and big deal. I have the winch mounting hardware but that might as well be replaced too. Factor in a trip to the hardware store with this purchase...


If this is still posted I have it. If you are considering buying a new "entry-level" Asian made winch for under $450...don't do it and get this instead. The difference in quality is night and day and this is sealed and waterproof.


From the website...

The Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000 is for the serious off-road enthusiast that demands the best.

This winch is not for the light-hearted, but for those individuals that rock crawl or trail ride to the extreme! The Patriot 8000 uses a proven and efficient 3-stage planetary gear system. In addition, the Patriot Profile 8000 comes with a powerful 5.5 HP series wound electric motor and a weather resistant solenoid assembly.

The Profile version of the Patriot 8000 has the solenoid assembly separate so it can be mounted remotely. This style winch is required for the ShrockWorks/ARB winch Bumpers.

Why Choose A Ramsey Winch? All Ramsey designs evolve from field experience. Ramsey is the "Standard" in the towing and recovery market among those who count on a winch every day to earn a living! In fact, 9 out of 10 tow truck operators demand Ramsey over any other winch.

Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000-0026.jpg

Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000-0034.jpg

Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000-0031.jpg

Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000-0032.jpg

Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000-0021.jpg

Ramsey Patriot Profile 8000-0028.jpg
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Price updated. Dimensions are 22.65 x 6.62 x 6.10 in. There is a ton of information on the Ramsey website.

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next time I'm that way I have to meet up with you if possible

will Pm my email & cell#


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I lowered the price to $225 plus shipping which includes a new Warn steel cable.


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The cable is 5/16" and it comes with a new roller fairlead.

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