SOLD The Baja Box: E350 10' Box Van w Whoop Scissors


2006 E-350 87K miles
10 Ft FRP Box Aluminum Roof Composite Floor
5.4L V8 5 Speed wTow/Haul mode (5R110) 4.56 Limited Slip
40 Gallon Fuel Tank
18’ Total Length

Camper Build
5’11” Standup Height x 77” wide
FANtastic 3 Speed Reversible Roof Fan/Vent
Kilmat Soundproofing
Insulated with 1” R-Max Thermasheath Poly-iso (R6)
THICK coating of elastomeric paint on roof
Custom Made Side Entry + Rear Cargo Door (67”x37”)
Solid Butcher Block Counter Top
Aluminum Bedframe (no squeaks)
Queen Mattress (6” firm + 2” soft gel topper) 25” between bed and ceiling
16x20” Granite Sink
4x Steel Roof Load Bars
Sealed Composting Toilet Exhausted out bottom of van
Swivel Passenger Seat
All Overhead Storage Compartments on gas struts
7' Exterior Awning on passenger side
CR Brophy Aluminum Scissor Entry Steps
American Backroads Co. Roof access steps
2 Platforms fore and aft of vent for roof standing
LED Lighting in "Garage"
Full Length Shower Curtain Hanger Underneath Garage Hatch

Water System
50 Gallon Water Tank in “garage”
12v SHurflo pump + Accumulator
ALL PEX + SHARKBITE Tubing/fittings/valves
7.5 Gallon Drinking Water Tank w/12v pump to spout @ sink
7.5 Gallon Grey Tank for sink w/ split to go straight out bottom of van
High Pressure quick disconnect cold water spout separate of hot shower
(Great for washing dogs/gear)

2x Renogy 170w Mono Panels = 340 watts solar
Victron Smartsolar 100 / 30 MPPT Solar Charge Controller
3x Deka 12v 105ah AGM Batteries = 315 amp hours
Sterling BB 1260 12v 60a charger for alternator charging
Samlex 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter w/ Samlex Remote Panel
2x Blue Sea 12v Ports in camper, 1x port in “garage”
4 Separate Dimmable Lighting Zones

Propex HS2000 Heater (heat exchanger, the safest most efficient propane heater out there, safe to run w all windows closed and produces very dry heat)
Powertank 10Lb Aluminum Propane Tank w Aluminum Bracket(this little tank lasts longer than you might think w/ normal use)
Push Button controlled to open/close @ tank via 12v solenoid
All Copper tubing w/ flared fittings and on/off valves @ each appliance(stove, heater, shower)
Gasland 1.6gpm 6L Tankless water heater for hot showers
2 Burner Stove (9500btu upper, 5000btu lower)

Weldtec 6” Baja Grocery Getter Kit(less than 1k miles since install)
4x Custom Valved KING Shocks and Custom Rear Leaf Pack per weight of van (came in just over 7500 lbs FULLY LOADED w full tanks before lift/tires)
KING Steering stabilizer
All New MOOG balljoints + tie rod ends
NEW METHOD 701 17x8.5 Wheels
COOPER Discoverer AT3 XLT 285/70r17 (less than 1k miles)
4.56 LSD Rear

I built this van with the intention of spending months at a time exploring the Baja Peninsula, my needs were simple:
-Cozy enough for my dog (she demands a queen size mattress)
-Secure storage for my surfboard and bike collecting problem (I’ve fit 8 boards and 4 bikes in the “garage”)
-RELIABLE and cheap/simple to maintain with easily available parts/mechanics south of the border or anywhere for that matter, hence the 5.4 v8 mated to the 5R110 tranny (arguably the stoutest factory transmission ever made by Ford, they regularly go 400k miles behind the V10 and 6.0 diesels, and only came behind the V8 in some cutaway chassis E-350s)
-Not too big or heavy: its almost 2 feet shorter than a SWB sprinter, stayed well under 10k lbs and under 9 ft tall
-Be comfortable on endless Baja washboard roads: reason I ultimately stayed 2wd and went with the whoop scissor kit from weldtec instead of solid axle 4x4, you’d be surprised at where 5k lbs over a limited slip 4.56 axle with good tires at <18 psi will get you, and at how plush the KING/Weldtec kit feels


*Gotta give a huge shoutout to @Burlydirtyhippy his build was an inspiration for mine and I borrowed a lot of his ideas

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Curious as to why you are getting rid of such a nice rig? Where is it located? Plates say California. Still there? Have you driven it in snow?
A few reasons for the sale: like so many I lost my job due to COVID, I used the opportunity to jump in the van full time and mountain bike all over the southwest, it was a dream come true till some seizures in August led to discovering a mid size tumor in a really bad spot of my brain. I have an upcoming risky surgery... I’m hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Along the way I acquired another identical van (except 7.3 diesel) I hope to build after all this.
Van is in Ventura, ca. I’ve been on some snowy roads pre-lift with street tires it did fine.
EDIT: adding some recent pics I took showing some small upgrades I've done as of late: side access scissor steps, American backroads roof access steps, awning, roof platforms, garage lighting.
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love the build, good to hear from someone sold on the virtues of 2WD and this is the first time I've heard about the Baja Grocery Getter Kit. Question, was the box a commercial unit or custom build. Best of luck with the sale.


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love the build, good to hear from someone sold on the virtues of 2WD and this is the first time I've heard about the Baja Grocery Getter Kit. Question, was the box a commercial unit or custom build. Best of luck with the sale.
Yes. WeldTec designs here in San Diego. Has loads of E series van components. Im looking at their fender flares since Im getting tire rub thats pulled up the fender liner bottom corner towards the A pillar. Seems like a better solution then cutting into the metal etc.

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