SOLD: Sprinter 4x4- 144WB- 2017 - $80k - 38,000 miles


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* Update - SOLD.

The van is 2017 Sprinter 4x4 , High Roof, Crew van with additional CR Laurence slider windows. Charcoal grey metallic. 38,000 miles. $80k. Located now in Northern Minnesota... just moved here this past year.
Build list includes:
Fox Adjustable reservoir shocks; custom-tuned for Sprinter. Sumo springs in front.
Cooper AT3 Tires
Full insulation, two-stage (Refelctix and Recycled Denim) under fabric / luan panels.
Renogy 300W Solar panels on roof- system has mppt charge controller and Bluetooth controls
Blue Sea MCR
Victory battery monitor
Espar D2 Heater with Wall Thermostat
9 recessed LED puck lights on a Blue Sea dimmer
Weboost Cellular booster
2 x 6 V 225 aH Full River batteries (new this past year)
3000w inverter
Isotherm Cruise Elegance 130 Fridge
Stainless bar sink with sprayer faucet and 6 ft hose
Queen foam mattress and platform
MaxxAir fan with remote control
Swivel driver and passenger seats
Lagun swivel table
Composite “Barnwood” floor

I had listed this van here not too long ago, but pulled it from the market... now a new job change makes it the right time to sell. Please let me know if any questions. Thank you!

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A few questions:

  • Do you have any extended warranty/when does the warranty run to?
  • What size fresh h2o tank?
  • Is there a grey water tank, or does the sink drain through the floor or ?
  • No water heater or exterior shower, or even cold exterior spray-down?
  • Both seats swivel, but it looks like only one would be able to use the lagun table. Is there another table mount so this can seat two for dinner?

I have a friend in the market, and she has family in Bemidji. She'll be visiting there in a few weeks and this is in her price range . . . so who knows? This looks like a much more interesting option to me than the Metris-based vans she's been considering. I'll show it to her as soon as you answer.

Thank you, and GLWS.


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Hi! Thanks for the note- I’m just a little over 2 hours east of Bemidji- so I’d be happy to meet up somewhere with your friend if there’s interest... I’d definitely say this is a more robust option than a Metris-based van, but it’s certainly a lot bigger, too! For your questions:

There is no additional extended warranty, but it’s still under the 5 year/100,000 mi power train warranty.

For the water- I use the Jerry Can system- with two tanks under the sink cabinet- so 5 gallons food grade, BPA-free, fresh water tank for the supply, with the sink draining into another 5 gallon can. I did this to make it easy for cleaning/sterilizing a fixed tank- and for not having to worry about winterizing when not in use.

I did not install an exterior shower- but the sink sprayer wand has a 6 foot hose and is mounted at the side door threshold, so this is what I use for outside wash down - it reaches a good five feet outside the van.

For the Lagun table- you’re correct- it is a bit of a stretch from the driver seat... I usually turn the driver seat sideways and use the counter that is right behind it... but- as you may know, the Lagun table is designed to take any type of top (I have a small oak top on it now)- it should be simple enough to put a longer top on it- and because of the two-point articulation of the table arm, I believe it could easily be made to reach for both seats... I think there are many options in the configuration.

Let me know if any more questions... feel free to PM if you want to chat live.

Thank you!



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SALE PENDING. Absolutely wonderful couple getting ready to start their own adventure.... scheduled to complete transaction Aug 17. Thanks to all for the interest.