SOLD!! Solo Stove BonFire - Brand New Never Used

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SOLD! We purchased this Solo Stove BonFire brand new and have never even taken it out of the case. It isn't that we haven't meant to, but life gets in the way, I suppose.
Anyway, if you like a great campfire but can't stand smoke, these are said to burn with such efficiency as to virtually eliminate smoke.
Mine came with a heavy duty nylon back with a climbing rope drawstring. These are made of 302 stainless steel. I still have the original box, so —
I'm asking $250 plus you pay the shipping cost.

These retail for $420.00

(since this is still in the original packaging, I haven't opened it up for pictures - picture below is a stock photo of the unit:

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I have one of these and it’s awesome. They burn very hot and efficiently but the best part is how easy it is to get a fire started even with less than ideal fuel.