SOLD!!! Scepter 5 gallons military fuel/gas jerry can. $110 each

I am in Canada on a road trip. I get back into the US on July 11 and will slowly make my way back to Houston, TX and get home on July 24.

I have some 11 Fuel Jerry cans for sale. I am selling it for $110 each. If you buy more than 1, I will sell it to you for $100 each.

I can ship at Buyer's expense.

Here is a map of my route as I drive home. This route starts on July 11, when I get back into the US.

I can deliver if you are on my route and you can kindly make some sacrifice to meet me in person. If not, I can ship to any address at Buyer's expense.

Please, take a look at my road trip blog to see where I am and feel free to send me a message with your phone number so we can text and keep in touch.

Here is a link to my road trip. You can look at my itinerary on page 1 and know where I am, if you want to make time to meet me.

16 US States and 4 Canadian Provinces, July 2022 Road Trip

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Forgive me for asking but will these hold diesel? I know it’s more corrosive
To the best of my knowledge, this is not recommended to hold diesel. So, I would say these would not hold diesel. Except someone who is more knowledgeable here on the forum says otherwise.
Forgive me for asking but will these hold diesel? I know it’s more corrosive
I took the time to go to their website to see if this one can carry ONLY gasoline and not diesel. I cannot tell for sure. So, basically I am guessing this Jerry Can should be able to hold gasoline or diesel.

Taking a look at their website, the only difference with this and the diesel one is the gasoline one has a red strap while the diesel one has a yellow strap. Take a look at the pictures below I took from their website.

Or go to their website and take a closer look and decide for yourself or maybe a very knowledgeable forum member with experience with these Jerry cans can chime in.

Feel free to email me any time with any questions.



Here is a thread about rubber vs viton seals on the scepter fuel cans.

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I take one.located in Portland..will pm for details
Responded to your PM.

I am hoping you can make some sacrifice to meet me at one of the exits in Portland. As I would be driving through Portalnd but I can stop at an exit off the freeway for gas and to give you the Jerry Can.

I will be waiting to hear back from you. I hope you can make some sacrifice to meet me in Portland to get the Jerry Can.
Magnolia/the woodlands/Montgomery border here. Will take 4 if you can meet. Pm sent. Safe travels back to humidity!

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Thanks about my travels.

Well, you live about 1 hour away from me and I will be passing by you on the last day of my trip heading back home. So, if you can make some time to meet me off any exit off I45 that we agree upeo, that would work great!

I will meet you and hand you the 4 Jerry Cans!
You guys will be surprised, but I have 11 Jerry Cans in my Honda Accord. And all 11 Jerry Cans are sitting permanently like this for my whole trip. All on the back seat because I have absolutely zero room for any one of them in my trunk.

I bought all the Jerry cans they had from 4 different stores in Canada. Basically I went to many different stores in each province and bought them all from each store. And went to 2 more stores and they were completely out already. So, I have 11 in my car. And if I pass through one more store that I may pass through in Vancouver, I may buy all I find in that store.

The stores I went to usually have only 2 or 3 or a rare one may have 4 in stock. So, I bought all at each store. I have them all here in my car sitting in the back seat as you can see. I am taking them all to some very good and caring homes across the USA who needs them!

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If you get pulled over by highway patrol . . . you are definitely getting pulled out of the car when they look in your back seat.

A great service you are providing.

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