SOLD!!! Scepter 5 gallons military fuel/gas can. $100

I drove to Canada yesterday and bought all 4 of this at the store and drove back into the US.

I would prefer to sell it locally in Houston, TX where I live. But I am on a road trip now and can meet a potential buyer if they want to meet me somewhere on my route.

Checkout my roadtrip blog to follow my route and figure out where I would be at and when.

My Roadtrip blog...

$100 firm

Sorry, I cannot ship. But buyer can pay for shipping. And I could ship it to you.

I am in Yellowstone NP right now and still have some places to visit as I make my way back to Texas. So, if a potential buyer is on my route, maybe we meet and I sell it to you in person.

Coming through Fort Collins on I25 on your way back?
Too bad I am not coming through Fort Collins. My plan is to drive from Grand Junction, CO through Canon City to Colorado Springs. I will spend just one night in CS.

If it was possible, you could make a little road trip and maybe we can meet close to the Springs.

Well, I got your number and will text you tomorrow so we can try to figure out a solution.
I assume it's $100 each.

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Yes, you are very correct. It is $100 each. Sorry if my ad does not specify that.

I am selling 1 Jerry can for $100 firm. I am not willing to ship, but buyer can pay for shipping. I am on a road trip now and maybe I can deliver to a buyer if he is on my route as I head back to Texas.
so how is the Accord for roadtripping? I am trying to convince my wife to trade in her 2016 CRV touring on an accord.
The Accord is excellent. I will give it A grade for roadtripping. Mine is a hybrid and this is my first time owning a Hybrid. Consumption on this car is better than any car I have ever owned.

What I like about my Accord; it is a great gas saving car. And since I love to drive a lot and take road trips, this car works great for that.

What I do not like; the driver seat is not too comfortable for me. I fixed this by buying a good quality temper-pedic pillow and that is what I sit on and it helps a lot by increasing my height and keeping me comfortable for very long drives. It stays in my driver seat permanently. In fact, if I find a better quality one, I will buy and replace this one.

To be honest, comparing the Accord to a CRV, may not be apples to apples. I say this because you sit higher in the CRV and carry more in the CRV than the Accord. Those 2 points can make the CRV a better choice for a woman, especially if she goes shopping often and or has kids to shuttle around.

I think the final decision boils down to the person who will be driving that car every single day. Since it will be your wife, please, ask her to let you know what she is looking for in the car she wishes to replace her 2016 with.
If you’re coming through Dallas I’ll take at least two of them.
I want to thank you IMMENSELY for buying all 4 of the Scepter Jerry Cans! I truly thank you for that.

Gosh, now I wish I had gone to another store an hour away in Canada to buy more. The store where I bought these 4 surprisingly had only 4 in stock and said people have not been buying these because it was a lot more expensive than the alternatives they had in store that were cheaper, made of different quality materials and selling way faster than these Scepters. But these are their premium Jerry cans and also military equipment. So, I guess this is meant only for people who know and value quality.

I truly thank you for making time for us to meet as late as it was at night.

I look forward to seeing your new build with the new rig.