SOLD Rust-Free Land Rover Discovery Starter Kit - ARB, Mantec, Newer Engine, U-Joint Axle, 5-SPD Kit, 7-Seater Kit, Spares, etc. (ATL)


1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE and a ton of parts - SOLD

I bought this truck out of Texas about a year ago when I wanted a rust-free D1 to build. I realized I have too much in front of this truck to turn it into the Bahama Gold retro rover I want to any time soon. I've already sat on it for a year, but in that time I have accumulated a ton of Discovery 1 parts. The good bits going with the truck include an ARB bumper from Will Tillery, an unobtanium Mantec snorkel, a complete 5-SPD powertrain with pedals and hoses pulled from a 26K mile 96 SE7, a 7-seater conversion kit with rear air components, Terrafirma heavy duty track rod and MD lift kit, stainless stainless steel brake hose sets, and an aluminum steering guard. The odometer reads 113K, but the history report indicates last reported mileage was 128K.

The truck is a 7/10, with its positive attributes being (1) I haven't found any rust on it, in it, or underneath it, (2) the engine has been replaced at some point in its life, and (3) it has the u-joint rear axle. Skip to the bottom for a list of the parts included.

The engine is very quiet and smooth, the transmission engages quickly, and the truck stops. Those are big deals for a D1. I discovered this Discovery on Craigslist near Waco and the post said the engine had been rebuilt with 4.6 internals. I have no paperwork for it and before I could contact the seller the ad was deleted. About a week later it showed up on Copart where I paid too much for it and had it shipped out to me. The original engine was in the back, and the engine underhood is newer than everything around it. The longblock is very clean and the engine runs perfectly, albeit a bit cold. A factory thermostat is included. The valley pan leaks on the LH corner because the assembler did not use RTV like you are supposed to. The catalytic converters and muffler have been replaced with aftermarket units, but they did not do a good job. It is very loud on cold starts, so it will need a new y-pipe or you need ear protection. There are no warning lights on, but I there are codes for O2 sensors in the computer.

Body wise, it needs paint and there is a small ding in the bottom of the tailgate as well as the driver's door. Obviously, the hood is not the same color as the truck. There's no accidents in its history, but its had a lot of owners. Someone spread silicon around the sunroofs like an idiot, but the sunroofs from the 26K mi parts truck are included. The interior is not great; it has a dash pad and the dash is burned like the tops of the doors. Rear seats are okay and it has a neat aftermarket radio and the navigation actually still works. Windows work too.

Everything Included:
Newer GEMs engine wrapped in a 98 U-joint D1 LSE
Engine, transmission, and transfercase from 96 SE7 5-speed (truck was electrically dead and engine accessories missing, so I could not hear it run. Engine has compression)
Pedalbox, master and slave cylinders from 96 SE7
Shiftboots in good shape for R380 and LT30
Genuine LR rear cargo tray
Genuine LR winch tray (basis for the Camel Trophy trucks - needs to be blasted and coated)
Roof cross bars
Mantec Snorkle (used)
ARB Bumper (used - factory chrome bumper with ugly brush guard included)
Aluminum steering guard (used)
Rovers North slave cylinder hose (new)
Terrafirma HD track rod (used)
Terrafirma MD lift springs (new)
Terrafirma MD shocks/struts (new)
Terrafirma extended stainless brake lines (new)
Britpart rear ladder (new)
Rovers North/Goodridge extended stainless brake lines (new)
Lucky 8 autotrans kit (new)
Stant OEM 180 degree t-stat (new)
Davis Unified Ignition Live Wires (new - installed)
Full set of steel wheels (People will tell you the boost wheels on the truck are worth half the asking price alone, but no one will pay for them)
OEM copper radiator from 26K mi SE7
Rear jump seats from SE7
SE7 rear step w/ shock
Rear cargo trim and headliner from SE7
All the SE7 hardware
SE7 rear air conditioning ducting
SE7 headliner
Rear AC blower
Spare steering wheel
Spare shifter bezel for automatic
D1 headlights
D1 tailight
Miscellaneous D1 tan interior parts
Longblock that came in the back of the truck
A bunch of spare GEMS engine parts.
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Logan, I supposedly have someone coming this weekend to grab the whole package. I will ask about the Mantec, but given its rarity I imagine it's in an important factor in their purchase.
No problem.
I've got 5 in the driveway or id come get this one as well.

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