SOLD Ram Habitat (6.5 Ram, Tundra, and Ford F150) For Sale


The Ram is going to Hawaii, but if the buyer is interested I maybe willing to sell the front runner rack that fits perfect on the roof lines with the Habitat.

The new fabric that Nemo is using provides better breathability and since we have 4 sleeping it that makes a huge difference in condensation, also packs down easier when closing.

If anybody wants to talk about this Habitat or has questions about the rig feel free to PM me and I will send you my cell number.
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Responded to all PM's, we will be in Flagstaff May 15th till the Sunday morning. While there we will be willing to show the habitat and answer any questions.

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Just so you know, I checked with the AT shop today and they said that your shell should also fit the 6.5’ bed Chevy/GMC truck beds.