SOLD: Pelican 1620, Brand New - Maine. Delivery possible - see details


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Heading out soon for the next big trip and realize I've never used the Pelican 1620 Case I got earlier this year. So, the 1620 is up for sale. $190 + shipping, US only.

Free delivery possible IF you are close to my travel plans. Heading out from the coast of Maine this weekend to Buffalo area to drop off two Pelican 1510s, then, in no particular order to WI, OH, OK, El Paso TX, and back to the east coast. If interested in free personal delivery, PM your general location and I'll let you know if I'm going to be near. You buy lunch, dinner, or a beer and I'll go a bit more out of my way ;)

This case is brand new and has never been used. I just find myself reaching for the others instead of the 1620. I only have one. Has an extendable travel handle and roller wheels, folding handles on each end and on the front, two double throw catches on the front and one on each end, stainless steel lock holes, and all foam completely unused. All very clean and brand new.

For those noticing what's in the background of the images below, yes, both military trailers in the background ARE for sale. Free delivery is for the Pelican case, however, not the trailers. PM me if interested.

Details on the Pelican 1620 and current Amazon price:
Here's the B&H price on the same case:
Davis Instruments is selling the same case for a whopping $390.00

Interior Dims: 21.48 x 16.42 x 12.54
Exterior Dims: 24.64 x 19.39 x 13.78

Case closed:


Travel handle extended:

Travel handle down:

All foam is new and unused:

Four pluckable foam inserts, one solid foam bottom, eggcrate foam in the top:


Automatic Pressure Relief Valve, designed for air travel and high altitude:

Foam is removable from the top, too.
Seven mounting points for the Pelican Lid Organizer (terrible pic on Amazon).
I love the lid organizers and use them with great success on three of my Pelican cases.
Not included with this case at this price, but add $40 and I'll include a brand new one:

Brand new, $190+shipping. Free delivery possible if on my way west (w/50% deposit). Paypal is preferred.

PM with a note of interest. If interested in either or both of the trailers, please PM me.



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