SOLD -- OX Rhino Hitch for a LR3/4


OX Rhino Hitch for a LR3
Used once to tow a military trailer about 4 hours home. I had big plans but have since bought a new 3/4 ton truck and no longer need this.

Paid $623 shipped. Asking $380 shipped in the continental US. Bought it in July 2020 from Tactical 4x4. .

I have the LR4 spacer as well and it will ship with it. I also have the template for the cutting of your factory plastic cover.
As a bonus I will include a new factory cover as I bought a spare.
Comes with everything to mount it. I would call mounting this 1 out of 5 skill set (1 being the lowest skill set)
You need a small hammer (to put the spacer in the factory tow point) a 19mm wrench and a 19mm socket and ratchet. Or two 19mm wrenches.
that is it.


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