SOLD Maggiolina Grand Tour Medium


Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
I bought this used from another member here in 2015, it's been used about 6-10 nights a year since then. The pillows that come with it have never been slept on. It's in good condition. Comes with the anti condensation mat, winter hood, awning, and 2 sets of mounting hardware.

To my knowledge the only thing wrong with it is that the stitching in one of the stake loops of the awning broke. It would be about a 10 minute repair to re-sew the loop on, I just haven't done it yet. The awning did not tear, just the stitching that connects the loop to the awning.


I just want what I have in it, $2500.

I live near Nashville, Tennessee but I'd be willing to drive 3 hours in any direction to meet someone who is interested. I travel a lot and have trips to Indy, Kalamazoo MI, and Maryland coming up in the next two months so I could meet on the way to/from these places.

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Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
LOL, I couldn't remember your username. It's been a great tent but now that we have a teardrop I don't use it anymore. I haven't slept in it since 2015 but a friend sleeps in it when we camp together a couple of times a year, LOL.

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Would you be willing to sell that awning separately from the RTT? If so, I'm interested and located in Vail, Co if you'll ship.


Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, & Adventurer.
No I'm not interested in selling it separately... Unless you're willing to give me $2500 in which case I'll ship it for free :)

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