****SOLD**** M101A2 Camping Trailer

Located in Fort Worth Texas, Asking Price $6,500. We have purchased a new trailer and are looking to find a new home for our M101A2. This trailer has served us well for the last 2 years. I have added all the things that make trips super easy. Here is a list of everything I can think of that I have added or done to this trailer. Please read the full description before asking questions. I do not know what the weight of the trailer is currently. I was able to pull it with my JKU with 4.88 gears pretty easily and the Lexus I have you don’t even know its back there.

Swapped the axle for a dexter 3500lbs with electric brakes. I had it made with a 3” tube to retain the factory brackets on the leaf springs. I also replaced the shocks with new KYB gas shocks. The trailer is equipped with a brake away box for the electric brakes and 7pin plug with the reverse lights wired up to the vehicle.

I cut off the original tongue and reworked it to work with a receiver tube style pintle hitch. The vehicle side of the pintle is included in the sale. If needed this could easily be swapped out for a max coupler or lock-n-roll hitch. The tongue jack is an ARK Extreme jack and is the best jack I have ever owned. There are two stabilizer jacks on either side for when the tent is being deployed.

The rack that was built to support the tent is able to be raised. It has gas struts to assist with the raising and lowering of the rack. I recently rebuilt the rack and added expanded metal around the tent. This is for easy storage of chairs or fire wood. It also allows you to walk on the side of the tent for easier setup.

The tongue box has a deep cycle battery with inverter and solar charge controller. I am including a 100w Renogy panel that is not pictured. The box has a master switch located on the outside that disables the power output to all switches and sources. There is an Anderson plug located on the outside of the box that allows you to connect it to your vehicle for charging with jumper cables (not included).

The selector allows you to switch between the Anderson plug or the battery, or both. Currently only two of the switches are being used, one for a light in the tongue box and the second is for power to reverse lights. They will come on when the vehicle is in reverse or when the switch is flipped on at the box. The inverter is a 1200w Peak unit.

The hitch gate is mounted to a 2” receiver tube welded to the rear. This allows it to be removed should you not need it for any reason or move it to another vehicle.

There are two 1.75 gallon Rotopax mounted on the trailer for carrying fuel if you have a generator. The brackets that are on the trailer have been welded in and can not be removed. The Power tank propane bottle holder is bolted to the bed of the trailer and the 11 lb propane tank is included.

I recently had the unit painted by a buddy who has a paint booth. I didn’t spend more than a couple of hours prepping it for paint. Mainly sanded it as smooth as I could and wiped it down with a chemical that he had me use prior to sending it into the paint booth. I sprayed raptor liner in the bed of the trailer. I used an aerosol under body coating for the frame and tongue of the trailer. This is an Offroad trailer so didn’t want to spend a lot on the painting of the trailer as it will be scratched up and covered with dirt eventually.

The 23zero Byron is included in the sale. I have moved it over to our new trailer for the time being as we are still using it until its sold. The tent has only been used twice at the time of this post. We are a dealer for 23Zero and plan on upgrading to the Sydney once this one is sold. The tent comes with the annex. The annex has not been used at the time I am writing this but that could change if we need to use it.

Not pictured is a rhino rack foxing that I can mount for you if you need me to. I removed it when I built the new rack and have not gotten around to mounting it to the new rack. I have all the guy ropes and poles that come with the awning. I do have one wall for the awning that will be included.

I also have two 15gal water tanks and a shurflo pump that I purchased and started to mount onto the trailer. I have the kit to tap the tanks and add fill hoses and discharge lines for the pump.

This is a great trailer and is ready to help you get out on the trail. I tried to cover everything but I am sure I left a few things out. There are a few pictures of the trailer before the rack was replaced and the trailer was painted. If you have any questions please let me know.








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Love the trailer. Wish you were closer or I might jump on this. I really like the electrical box you put together. Do you have a build thread or some recommendations on other threads on this site to guide me in wiring my trailer like yours here?
Love the trailer. Wish you were closer or I might jump on this. I really like the electrical box you put together. Do you have a build thread or some recommendations on other threads on this site to guide me in wiring my trailer like yours here?
Unfortunately I do not, It was a combination of ideas that I had seen on other trailers and a picture I had in my head. You are welcome to ask any questions I would be happy to answer them.


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That is a great build. Sorry I missed it.
I noticed the pivoting spare tire carrier.
Is that something you fabricated,or purchased?