SOLD GXV Unimog U500 for sale


SOLD - the sale closed 2/11/2019.
Thanks to all those that expressed interest.
The time has come.
Our 2003 Uimog U500 with a Global Expedition Vehicles camper (camper built in 2011-12) is for sale.
Asking price is $225,000.
Details of the vehicle, contact details and lots of images can be found at this link

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This thing looks impressive. Your "" url worked yesterday, for a bit, but is now showing a 500 – Internal Server Error. Can you fix that up so we can read the whole saga?


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Not sure if there was ever a real web page or was up long enough for crawlers to archive the site... Interested in it also.. I looked at some archives, and only found 1 page on Aug 6th 10am of this year but it only has a title "This is RB's experimental Earthroamer for sale site" .

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I prefer social distancing.
Now I remember this guy.
That Earthroamer sale had some real bad Juju with it.