SOLD!! FSR (Free Spirit Recreation) Adventure Series hardshell automatic RTT $1500



Adventure Series A49H - Automatic - 2 Person Hardshell Roof Top Tent - by Free Spirit Recreation

Hey Guys,

Bought this tent of a fellow EP member a few months ago.
I had a trip out west planned and an order in with Terrapod for one of their slim clamshell tents. Well you all know the story - covid, covid, covid, material shortages etc etc ... and as a result the tent wasn't going to be ready in time for my trip.
I jumped on this, and I'll be honest ... if I didn't already have a non refundable deposit down on the TERRAPOD, I would keep this tent. My son and I used it in Colorado for a week and it was fantastic!

Quick to deploy, stayed nice and dry even during the heavy downpours and it was the talk of the campsite being that it deploys with a remote control!

Black hardshell
Electric lift with battery pack
Remote controlled operation battery or plug in
Solar cell included on top to charge battery pack
2 keyless remotes
Backup cig lighter/power point plug with long cord
Lots and lots of features.
Insulated, many cubbies, shoe storage, etc. etc.
you can store all of your bedding in this tent
Extendable ladder included
Very light (easy 2 person mount/dismount)

Full Specs can be found here:

I removed the mattress as it was pretty firm and replaced it with a 3" memory foam charcoal infused topper from Kohls for $160 which is included - it makes a HUGE difference! We slept great!!
Tent has 6 LED floods that the previous owner installed under tent as well as dimmable LED surround lights. These are awesome and really light up the campsite!

So here's the deal guys ... The truck and tent is currently sitting in Colorado.
I left the vehicle out there as I will be flying back out in August to attend Overland Expo Mtn West. My plan is to camp for a few days then make the drive back to Nashville, TN.
I can meet you in anywhere (more or less) from Colorado to Tennessee or you can come directly to Expo Mtn West in Loveland CO around the 27th and we can move it from my vehicle to yours.

The mounts do not come with the tent as I purchased those separately from Gamviti. Those will be used to secure my new TERRAPOD to the Landcruiser

PM me or post up if you have any questions

No rips or tears, no smells, no stains. Awning not included.





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Will be in Colorado Monday through the end of the month if anyone wants to check this tent out.
You won’t be disappointed - it’s a cool bit of kit!


Bump. Will be headed over to overland expo tomorrow
Come check this out and I’ll help you move it onto your rig!


What an awesome idea. RTT to the next comfortable level. Most hardshells pop up rather easily, but MOST also are a bit of a pita to close. This seems ridiculously cool LOL. GLWS!

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