******SOLD******For Sale: Black Series Patron


Well well well... I do thank you thank some of you for you over abundance of prayers and thoughts for my sales venture. And as crazy as it seems hummm.... I just received a $5000 deposit from a buyer in Idaho who’s on his way due to be here Thursday evening. And for full disclosure, as long as he likes what he sees, we agreed on a little less than asking price. I hope he takes ownership early in the day so as I can tell the two folks on Friday and the guy from California not to come out On Saturday. The guy from Cali sure wishes he could make it out sooner as he’s willing to bring cash for the purchase. Well got to go need to polish the wheels a little
LOL no one believes this for one minute. You must have really been ticked off by the people on this forum to try and make up this story.

Yes, high demand! I am getting calls from all over the US. My phone is ringing of the hook!! Everyone wants to give me $5k!


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Yea ok. You know it’s a deposit! Is that such a new concept to you. You haven’t placed a hold on a purchase before. Kick rocks man

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