**SOLD** FOR SALE - 2003 Ford E350 - FISHING- Pottstown, PA **SOLD**


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2003 Ford E-350 VIN# B80652
Mileage / 31,753
Purchased / Purchased in Warnoc, NJ.
Exterior Color / Silver, Paint Code JP
Generator / Honda
Accessories / Interior Roof Mount Fishing Rod Rack / (2) 7” bars


Additional Features Installed by TEAM, Inc. Services (Quigley Conversion)
Installed 24" Camper Top with MPV - install rod holder bars with a fixed width of 38 and 3/4
Installed 59 X 11 Windows in the hi-top​
MPV camper top, sidewalls, & doors​
Installed 46 gallon gas Transfer Flow fuel tank - 6.BL V-10​
On board 12-volt air compressor – plugs into the front & back of the van- ready access for airing up tires.
Xantrex 2000 inverter /charger with battery monitor​
Two Freedom 2000 gel type mari ne batteries –​
Weight - 75 lbs. each / Type 31size / 7 x 10 x 14 each​
External Outlet that is hot at all times​
Black Bushwacker fender flares​
Back up sensor / sensitive to items 3' to 4' away.​
Left sidewall storage & work table.​
Adrian # MD508 42" wide x 26" tall x 14" to 18" deep and # 8239 42" wide x 31" high x 14" to 16" deep.​
An ice chest will mount on top.​
Right sidewall / Built in closet. # JD52FP- Deeper Shelving / 52" wide x 46" tall x 18" deep​
Spare Tire on Left Rear Door
Curtains on Barn Doors
DeeZee Running Boards / Tube Style
Asking - $36,000


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For those who may be interested, I'm somewhat local to this van and have looked it over and driven it personally. PM me for details. I'm not associated with the seller. I don't post too much here on Expo but am active on the Sportsmobile Forum.

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