SOLD- Flippac for Double Cab Short Bed Tacoma - Bay Area


Vagabond Outdoors
Flippac for DCSB Tacoma
3 years old (Purchased in December of 2012)
Tent is in excellent condition with no tears or stains.
Camper is in excellent condition.
Mattress is in excellent condition.
Requires drilling 6 holes in top of bed rail to mount.
Comes with:
-SLO Sail rainfly
-Rear ARB awning
-Interior cabinets with:
  • Homemade fridge slide with table
  • Porta-potti drawer (not shown in pics)
  • Hi Lift drawer
  • Cabinet that accommodates (2) 7 gal water jugs
  • Upper and lower storage cabinets
  • Spot for chuckbox
-2 large (24 gal.) Action packers fit between the cabinets with some room to spare.
-Cabinets mount to factory bed rail tracks and can be installed/ removed somewhat easily.
Does not include:
-Water system
-Porta potti (you'll want a new one)
-Prinsu roof rack
Broken back window was replaced with tinted plexiglass. All pictures show the plexiglass, which works really well and adds some theft deterence. Flexes a little when open, but is really solid when closed.
More info on my build thread:
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Vagabond Outdoors
Probably not. This is for the 5' bed Tacoma and I think the Comanche has a 6' bed. Maybe Martyn at AT Overland would know what other Flippacs would fit yours. He has a really nice Comanche with a Flippac.