SOLD - Excellent condition 2018 NIMBL / XPCAMPER on 2007 Ram 3500 w/ just 84k miles


I have seen this rig in person. It is thoughtfully built and impeccably maintained by conscientious owners. The low mileage and excellent pedigree make this one a really good buy and a great opportunity in my opinion.


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¡Carumba! What a great deal. James is very knowledgeable about all things "NIMBL" and generously shares his knowledge with owners and prospects. I imagine you can totally trust that his rig is in great working order and will get you where you want to (and back again). I'd buy this, but after an EXTENSIVE search, and a couple weeks living out of a NIMBL, I purchased a new one and am (eagerly) awaiting it's delivery! NIMBL truly promises the best space/performance/features combination for "true" 4x4 overloading.


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It today‘s inflationary fuel climate, I have to ask what is the best fuel mileage you’ve experienced?


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Not sure. It was never really an issue so I didn't pay any attention. We travelled slow and stopped often, fuel wasn't a big cost as we only did 10k miles a year. Other owners with the same vehicle report 11 to 14mpg from what I recall. Of course, driving on a flat highway with AT tires is different to travelling in 4Lo on a beach or up mountain passes in the Andes
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We have an XP/Nimbl on a 2013 Ram Cummins. Our truck has has the newer 6.7, with the Def and DFP. Our truck's engine is stock (not deleted). Based on the pictures, I would say our truck has a similar lift/tire size. On our travels - all in the western US and Canada - we typically see 14-15 mpg on "highways and byways" (not dirt roads, not 4wd). This includes a lot of mountainous roads (western US and Canada). We try to keep it between 60 and 65 mph; sometimes we get up to about 70. (It will go a lot faster, but what is the rush?). Not city driving; open roads. I seem to recall an XP owner of an earlier model year Ram (with the 5.9 Cummins that this truck here has, I believe) telling me he got about 19 mpg. Again, this was on paved highways and byways in the Western US. And I may be recalling that incorrectly. But I am confident we get 14-15 mpg regularly. And I would expect a pre DEF/DPF Cummins to get a bit better than that (not that I have owned one; just what I have heard).

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Very cool truck. Unsure of importing headache to get to US and probably more than i can bite off but wish it was stateside.


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Can't believe somebody hasn't snatched this rig up yet. It's easily as nice as ours that we just sold, and has fewer miles.

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Can't believe somebody hasn't snatched this rig up yet. It's easily as nice as ours that we just sold, and has fewer miles.
It's a very nice rig. The biggest difference is that yours was stateside. "BigRoads" rig is in Canada (no offense BigRoad). Our "Uncle Sam" wants his pound of flesh to import a truck. There may be tax "work-around" but I don't know what it is. Good luck with the sale BigRoad.

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Some people mentioned an EPA decal stating it confirms to US Spec. Usually in the door jamb or under the hood. I couldn't find it at first but, it is on the valve cover.

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