SOLD - Excellent condition 2018 NIMBL / XPCAMPER on 2007 Ram 3500 w/ just 84k miles

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If you are in the market for a low mileage, perfectly built, high quality expedition truck camper. This is it. Our Nimbl / XPCamper is now for sale.

One of the world’s best truck campers being sold by the founder of the NIMBL Vehicles & XPCamper Owners Club.

The truck is in excellent condition, a 3rd Generation (2007) Ram 3500 (powered by the legendary 5.9 Cummins)
with very low mileage (84,000 miles / 135,000 kms) and a significant number of top quality off road upgrades.

The Nimbl Vehicles / XPCamper was purchased brand new in January 2018 and was recently refreshed by Nimbl’s California factory in 2021.
It was rebranded as Nimbl with factory installed decals and also benefitted from some great factory installed camper upgrades.

An outstanding example of a highly capable expedition vehicle. Exceptionally maintained and in excellent condition.
The addition of a full compliment of top quality recovery gear and camping accessories makes this a true ‘turn-key sale'.

Please visit the sales page of our website for a full run down of the Truck and Camper along with spares, accessories, recovery gear and camping items.

Hit the link for full details >> ThisBigRoadTrip.Com - Camper Sale

$xxx,000 USD (Close offers considered)

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No, thank you. Reason for sale is that we are building a house in Nicaragua. Otherwise we'd keep the camper. We may get a moto to leave at home but not another vehicle.
Sounds like an amazing plan. If this rig isn’t sold by Monday I’ll be shocked. You’re selling the truck and camper for what others are asking just for the Nimbl habitat


Does anyone have an idea of the cost of importing this to the US? Sounds like BC provincial sales taxes and Canada GST would have to be paid as well as your local US State registration and sales taxes?


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Sounds like BC provincial sales taxes and Canada GST would have to be paid as well as your local US State registration and sales taxes?
I know nothing about importation costs. State registration and sales tax would depend entirely on your particular state. Some states, such as WA, OR, ID, UT and more, register truck campers separate from the pickup, requiring an additional title, registration/plate fee (and requires the plate to be on the camper itself). Most states, OR being an exception, also require a sales or use tax, which would be due on at least the pickup, and possibly also the camper. Some states, such as SD, will waive the sales tax, or a portion of it, if you can show taxes have already been paid in the state or to another state. WA calls their tax a Use-Tax, and charges it on any vehicle registered in the state, including vehicles being registered for the first time in the state, but also sales of WA vehicles moving between owners in the state. Best to check these fees for your own particular state.
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Does anyone have an idea of the cost of importing this to the US? Sounds like BC provincial sales taxes and Canada GST would have to be paid as well as your local US State registration and sales taxes?
If you are exporting out of Canada, you would not have to pay any BC/Canadia sale taxes.
As for importing to the US, your best bet is to contact US customs for accurate information

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Do you have to pay the 30% import duty if it’s not new?
Not sure about that. Something you would have to look into unless someone else can comment. I know it needs EPA and DOT Conformity .... both of which should be no issue as it's not a weird / European model.

Nice rig! Just to confirm, this has a manual transmission correct?
Correct. It took ages to find a low mileage manual, but found one eventually. Dodge used a Mercedes transmission I believe. 6 speed.

more interior photos would be very helpful
They would. Unfortunately I am not with the camper until June 28. There is not much unusual to see. It's in great condition. The dash look fairly stock other than an SPOD HD unit mounted next to the steering wheel and a toggle switch for the Pac brake. We replaced the OEM stereo with a sweet Pioneer Apple Car Play / Bluetooth, large screen .... they were supposed to install a rear view camera but never did. It accepts both rear and front cameras. Seats are School Mann. I do have a picture of those and also the 2/3 drawer system in the rear.


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A little less storage, but not as much as it may appear. Those with the storage space between the camper and truck usually have their spare there and often because their wheel size does not fit in the standard space; so half the extra space it taken with that. I chose a wheel tire combo that did fit in the standard spare position, partly for that reason and partly because this also keeps the camper weight forward, has less camper hanging over the back axle and maintains departure angle. I also preferred the compact look. All ‘horses for courses’ when the buying decision is made :)

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