*SOLD* Custom Offroad Trailer with RTT (NC)

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Location - Winston-Salem, NC

Reason for selling – I just don’t use it much…on average once a year. Wife isn’t interested in this type of camping, and the kids are growing up.

  • Trailer frame and main cargo box were originally built in Georgia, and the VIN was issued there. Additional custom work (fenders, RTT lift mechanism, electrical, axle swap) done by Trollhole’s Cruisers in Greenville, SC. Trailer has been used roughly 5 times since the RTT was installed and additional custom work was done. Stored indoors when not in use
  • Titled in North Carolina
  • Overall length – 11’
  • Overall width – 6’
  • Main cargo box – 44” wide, 60” long, 24” high. Lid is hinged on passenger side. Two locks on driver side.
  • Front toolbox – 46” wide, 19” long, 17” high
  • Pintle hitch
  • Receiver on the rear
  • 3500lb Dexter axle with brakes
  • Toyota 16” steel wheels with 33” BFG MT tires
  • Ground clearance – 15” to axle, 23.5” to frame
  • Tepui Autana RTT. Full annex with floor. It’s the original version of the Autana (2 person), before Tepui’s current 3 & 4 versions. Their current 3 person is listed as 56” wide. This tent is closer to 48”. Includes anti-condensation mat and Tepui Weatherhood
  • RTT is mounted to a telescoping rack which raises & lowers using an impact wrench. RTT can be used in the lowered position with or without the annex, but raising the rack enables the annex to be used at full height.
  • Fenders are strong enough to stand on which makes it easier to access the trailer’s interior and to cover/uncover the RTT.
  • BAL C stabilizers on rear corners which are raised and lowered with an impact wrench. These are strong enough to lift one side of the trailer to change a tire.
  • The front trailer jack is the Ark XO Jack
  • Rack for three 5gal water or gas cans between toolbox and main cargo box. Includes cable lock for cans.
  • 11lb propane tank on the tongue. Includes cable lock for tank and Coleman propane tree accessory.
  • 12V electrical system
    • Battery box & master cutoff switch in toolbox. Box has USB and 12V outlets.
    • CTEK D250S Dual charger
    • LED light strips mounted in toolbox and main cargo box
    • Accessory pod with two 12V outlets, 2 USB outlets and 12V meter is connected via a long cable that can be extended outside the toolbox and mounted magnetically to the main box
  • Removable wire shelf on driver side. Works well for setting up a camp stove on the shelf and running a hose to the propane tank on the tongue.
  • Comes with Kirkham’s canvas awning and support poles to suspend the awning over the wire shelf and create a covered cooking/seating area on the driver side
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Very nice rig saw this trailer in Ranger Georgia at the CFW event. That’s a good deal on this trailer. Good luck! The 60 is looking great too!


Nice looking set up. GLWS. If you don't sell before October there is the Roof Top Tent Rally @ James River State Park in VA. Might be able to get some interest there, it's about 3hrs from where you are.