Sold: Custom off-road camper trailer (Maryland)


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Roof top tent, Optima battery, and hi lift jack for illustration only and is not included in the sale. The trailer is located in the Washington DC metro area. Sale price: $2,400

Dodge Nitro wheels (5x114.3). New Rugged Ridge wheel spacers can be included in the sale to adapt your wheels to the JKU lug pattern

The measurement to the top of the rack is 67", add on the 1-1/2" for the bars attached to the bottom of the tent and you are at 68.5".

A roof top tent was mounted to the permanent bars on top of the lid. The rack can also be used for bikes, kayaks, or a multitude of other things.

Suspension is a standard Dexter 3500lbs leaf setup that is currently spring over axle for more clearance

Electric system setup to charge when connected to shore power. When you plug in the trailer box to grid power the charger will kick on. MC4 adapters are also wired into the tongue box for solar charging.

Never weighed the trailer, although I would estimate the weight to be ~ 800lbs.

Jerrycans are mounted in lockable steel holders behind the box.

Trailer is wired with 4 pin connector.

Registered in Kentucky, but located in Maryland


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The cargo area can be accessed via both locations. See IMG_2262 which show the rear hatch and top lid opened.

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