SOLD: CFX40W, Rotopax 3Gal, Little Buddy Heater


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I have for sale a few things in Los Angeles(San Fernando Valley). I can meet you within a reasonable distance of Burbank.

1: Dometic CFX40W 12v Fridge with cover, 12v and 120v cables $SOLD

I bought this back in 2018 with the cover, that has only ever been taken off for cleaning, so the outside of the fridge looks spotless. Fridge lived 99% in the back of a LR3/4 running more often than not. Cools down on 12v and 120v very quickly, its quiet and efficient. I have not had a single problem with this fridge. The 12v cable has been cut and Anderson 30amp connectors fitted as that is what I ran in my vehicle. There is wear on the inside of all the corners of the cover, this does not effect the efficiency of the cover at all and is quite common.



2: 2x Rotopax 3Gal with DLX mounts - SOLD

Bought in 2018 from 4Wheel Parts so they are genuine Rotopax. Washed, flushed and kept in garage when not in use. Never leaked and always vented to prevent swelling. Some marks on the back side from the roof racks. Comes with CA Carb approved fillers and the DLX mounts. I have inlarged 2 holes on each mount for how I had them mounted to my rack.



3: Mr Heater Little Buddy Heater - SOLD

Only been used a handful of times, still has warning label attached, in box with instructions, tilt auto off works. Base is cracked from me being an idiot.


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