SOLD and on its way to Vermont--Go Fast Camper #251 for sale in Park City, UT $6,990 (firm) Ram 1500 5.5' bed


I love this thing, but we are completely changing our setup because the family just doesn't fit like I hoped. Slept in a total of 5 nights. Flannel sheets. Perfect shape. Never a drop of water inside. Apart from the 2k miles on the road, it's always been stored in the garage. We are also outgrowing the truck if anyone wants the whole package. Less than 10k miles. I'll sell the truck (at low kbb) and gfc for $46,000. The only thing I've done to the truck is add a bed rug. The truck has not yet been off-road.

Build Specs:
  • Unit #: 251
  • Truck Model: 2019 Ram Rebel 1500, 62.7"
  • Window Options: None
  • Frame Color: Grey
  • Panel Color: Black
  • Tent Options: No Door


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The outside dimensions of the steel tube frame where they sit on the bed rail and gate are approximately 65" wide X 67 1/2" long. Let me know if that fits, and I will measure the height of the cabover for you.


Price reduced. I've had a bunch of inquiries regarding fitment on various trucks. It will definitely not fit a 6.5 bed. Don't know about F150 or Chevy shortbeds, but I am happy to send you any measurements you might need.