SOLD>>>>5 AEV Pintlers for the WK (Argent) Greenville, SC


SE Expedition Society

These are no longer offered by AEV. They are in great shape and only one wheel has a noticeable rock ding/scratch. I went back to the OEM wheels so I no longer need these. There are some slight scuffs from mounting and balancing. Other than that they are near perfect. No spacers needed to clear UCA with bigger tires. These will stick out past the fender line.
No TPMS stems...Jeep center caps included..I have the original AEV boxes so they will be shipped in those.

Cash or Money Order = $1150 + shipping

Paypal and All Credit Cards $1200 + shipping

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Calling-in from east of the Rockies
The AEV forum would be a good market too. I just linked you there.


SE Expedition Society
thanks guys...sort of half hearted attempt to sale them...prolly regret it

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Those are great wheels. I had them on my 2007 WK CRD 4x4 Limited for five years before selling the truck back in Dec. 2014. Also try (North American Grand Cherokee Association) as there may be folks interested there as well. Good luck!