SOLD: 2018 VMI Off Road Expedition Trailer with CVT Tent and ARB Fridge/Freezer in Portland, Oregon


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I'm selling this trailer due to some changes in my professional life.

You can find more information about the trailer on the VMI Off Road website. The basic trailer starts at $8K. I loaded it with the following options: Thule Roof Rack, Lock And Roll Hitch System, Rear Hitch, Rear Stabilizer Bars, ARB Fridge/Freezer on a pull outside rack, and 2 internal batteries with monitor. I also installed a "6-person" Free Spirit Rooftop Tent (meaning it sleeps four comfortably). Total cost around $17K.

I used this trailer less than 10 times, all in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time off from work to take it out and my wife is on me to get rid of it.

It's in excellent condition. I'm asking $4,250.

It's in excellent condition. I'm asking $4,250.
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Wow, awesome deal!! I just bought something 3 weeks ago or I would be all over this. Good luck, this is a sweet trailer.


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Thanks. I'm not exactly thrilled to be selling it, but happy wife, happy life as they say. I'm just not going to have time to take it anywhere for the next three or four years. I moved it out of our driveway into storage at her insistence, but now she's not happy about the storage fees so I don't have much choice except to sell it.
A few questions:
What bolt pattern? (Fingers crossed it matches a JK)
Would it fit 35’s or would it need suspension mods to do so?
How much does it weigh with tent on it?
Does it have brakes?
Are you including the tent at that price?

I am in Seattle and quite interested. Thank you and GLWS.


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I'm not sure what "bolt pattern" means. I can tell you that the Lock And Roll hitch fits my 2-door 2017 Jeep Wrangler Willys JK just fine. It's two pieces. One slides into the receiver hitch on the Jeep and the other is attached to the um, whatever you call that part of the frame of the trailer. The big advantage to the LAR is that it articulates up down and all around so it won't bind like a ball hitch could.

I run the stock 32s on my Jeep with a 2 inch AEV lift. I think it would fit fine on 35s and in fact would be a little better because the hitch slightly dips down a couple of inches on my 32s. I was planning to see what it looked like when I went to 33s. Of course, we could hitch it up to yours to see what it looks like but I really do think it would be a better fit with 35s.

I'm not sure what it weighs with the tent on it, sorry. I can tell you the basic trailer, I believe without the spare tire (I discovered when I was shopping for a trailer that all the manufacturers consider a spare tire to be optional), the trailer weighs only 600 pounds if I remember right. I'm pretty sure I got that info off the website. The trailer's made of marine grade aluminum so it's much lighter than the steel versions I looked at. The tent is heavy, but I don't know the weight. The struts on the trailer are meant to handle the weight of a tent.

It does not have brakes. Never had an issue with braking, but of course I was always careful.

Yes, the tent is included. If I had a four-door, I would want to keep it but it's too big for a 2-door. Btw, I got the tent on sale from Cascadia tents for $2,450. It's a great tent, very padded and was plenty big enough for me and the wife. I went big because we were thinking our grand daughter would come camping with us when she got a little older. I would't want to put more than four people in it, but you could sleep six if you wanted to go really cozy.

I didn't put in the description that the batteries can be charged either at home with an extension cord or off your alternator when you're driving. I'm not enough of a mechanic to unwire it off the alternator, so I'd rather not mess with it but you could get the hardware from VMI as they're just up the road from you. It's a great way to keep the batteries charged up and the fridge running while you're driving.

I'm believe I have a photo or two of it hooked to my JK. If so, I'll include them.

Found them. Keep in mind the in the first shot the Jeep is on a downhill slope and the trailer is on the other side of the slope so it makes the hitch point look higher than it would be if both were on level ground. Still, like I said the hitch point was actually a little low. You can kind of see it in the second shot. Not enough to be a problem, but I would have preferred it to be as level as possible. I just never got around to figure out how to do something about it.


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I even bailed out the goldfish bowl for you, lol. It's nice and dry but you should leave it open for a couple of days just to make sure. The yucky yellow color wasn't rust. It was a (now shot) pair of leather gloves. The slime was something else.

I'm supposed to knock off work at 3pm but sometimes have to stay a little longer. I'll call you when I'm home. Remind me to give you both sets of keys and the ARB Fridge and trailer operating manuals. And I'll sign off the title to you.

Good thing you acted fast. I'm getting deluged with emails and text messages.