**SOLD**2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon + AT Atlas custom camper build out **SOLD**


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Hi EP-

Sadly it's time to sell our truck/camper set up. We're expecting another child and need to do some prioritization. This vehicle has been so great for us. We've kept great care of it and had all scheduled maintenance and service done at Larry H Miller Dodge in Salt Lake City.

The truck is in great shape. Interior is very clean and only a few minor cosmetic issues on the exterior from normal use. The truck itself is completely stock as we saw no need to upgrade anything from Power Wagon spec. It covers our needs and then some.

The build out was designed by myself and a friend who is a commercial builder of sprinter vans. Interior and cabinets were done by a professional carpenter shop who does the van build outs as well as creates housing for ultra-high end in-home audio systems. Designs were turned into CAD and pieces were laser cut. Very nice quality and have been quite durable. The interior layout has worked out great for our family of 3. Plenty of interior space to take advantage of if the weather is bad and all the necessities. It's well insulated with both reflectix (under) and bed rug on the lower half of the truck bed. Great insulation properties built into the AT camper shells as this community knows well. These AT campers are truly amazing. Bomber, great looking, and so easy to operate. We've been so happy with it and are sad to see it go.

Here's what the details look like.

2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon - 6.4 Hemi (gas)
32,000 Miles (will continue to climb slowly as I still drive the truck)
leather interior
Front bench seat
Alpine Audio upgrade
Full navigation and large format dash screen
Heated/cooled front seats
Heated steering wheel
Power mirrors (adjust, collapse)
Window tint
KNOW ISSUES: Minor paint scratch on tailgate, crack in passenger side mirror from a run in with a tree branch--cosmetic only and not very noticeable

2020 AT Overland Atlas
1 Max Fan in ceiling
Amber light package
Tailgate window
Installed at AT Overland in Prescott AZ

Custom layout and cabinetry -- 2 large RV self closing drawers, large cabinet under sink to house grey water tank, exterior shower attached to cabinet door on tailgate side as well as extra storage. Full interior build out can be taken out relatively easily should the truck bed be needed. A few bolts and it comes right out.

Goal Zero Yeti 1000 house power system with 1x 150 Solar briefcase - Enough power to run the rig for 2 days with no solar, solar easily recharges what you've used through the day with normal sunny weather. Also nice that the batter is easily removed so it can be stored inside to maintain battery health. Wired to utilize exterior plugins on side of camper for solar panel connection so you don't need to run it into the camper through tailgate. I also have the Yeti Link which allows the battery to charge off the truck alternator. I have not installed yet as solar has been getting the job done for us and our weekend trips. I will include in sale and would install if I were expecting to be on frequent 5+ day trips and weather looks like it could be cloudy for a significant period of the trip.

Dometic 7.5 folding, glass top RV sink

RecPro RV Water pump 12v 3 chamber with pressure switch - wired to a switch on exterior side of counter cabinet - Feeds both sink and outdoor shower

2x, 7-gallon water tanks in a purpose built compartment (next to fridge)

1x, 7-gallon grey water thank placed under the sink in the cabinet

Portable propane tankless water heater (shower) mounted to inside face of cabinet door at rear of counter cabinet. Open this to have access outside tailgate for outdoor showering. Works great and stores away nicely underneath the counter top when not in use. Runs at 1.32 GPM. Gets nice and warm and uses only a small amount of propane.

Isotherm Travel Box TB31 top load fridge. Lives under the bench seat in a propose built compartment with exhaust slits as you can see in the photos- Has an eco mode and max mode. Very efficient (especially on eco), we've been super happy with this fridge

LED strip lighting runs all throughout interior living space (not bed area) that's connected to a switch on exterior side of counter cabinet - also has a handy remote that can be used when switch is on. Great for when you're outside and might need a little extra light for a minute or two.

Bed Rug installed to cover floor and sides of truck bed.

I also have a Kuat swing away+Thule 2 bike hitch rack that I would be willing to include if the new buyer wants. It's really nice to be able to leave bikes locked in the rack and swing it away when using the camper.

The truck is actually currently in the shop for a detail. I've included a few photos but will share some fresh ones when it comes back to me in the next day or so.

It's been a great set up for our family of 3 and we're sad to see it go.

I'm asking $75k for the package. Located just outside of Salt Lake City UT.
New asking price $70,000 for the package.

Please let me know if you have specific questions.



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Sharing some additional photos along with updated photos attached to original post. Gives a good sense of camper set up.

Excuse the poor interior shots. Truck was scheduled to be detailed today but shop I use had a COVID case with an employee so they shut down for a few days. Now scheduled for next Wednesday.

More photos in below post.




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Becoming more nostalgic on the truck as the days pass by. Open to selling the camper+interior separately and will keep the truck. Reach out if interested.