SOLD 2017 ram diesel flatbed fwc hawk. GO ANYWHERE!! SOLD


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The suspension, the flat bed build, the boxes, the wheels, tires, lights, winch, bumpers, solar, electrical components, wiring, racks, air compressor, plumbing, research, traveling around arranging the build the labor the waiting for parts, If you haven’t built anything like it you don’t know the hundreds of hours of phone calls decision making scheduling lost sleep daydreaming. It’s turn key it’s my dream rig if I wasn’t buying an overpriced home I could be much happier living full time in this, it’s 100% ************** luxury dependable not cheesy in anyway. It can pull 2 sprintervans thru the white rim trail. Somebody will be just as happy or more with it as I am. It’s FUN to drive touring and absolutely insane off road. It puts a smile on your face every time you look at it drive it think about it.


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Thank you folks, I do appreciate positive reasonable people I could backpack with. Someone will love this art form and spend quality time enjoying it and where it will take them. Bravo to y’all!!! Ok enough of all that nonsense and needless interruption. Someone come take this to Patagonia or North Pole or something outrageous. I wanna see pics, I’ll buy it back when your done.


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You are doing what I call "aggressive negotiations" where you make someone feel you have the "right" to dictate the price of something just because something else similar sold for xxx price. I don't recall the OP asking for your OPINION on his price. He placed an ad (which we are allowed to do as long as the rules are followed). If you don't like it, too bad, move along. Laugh all day long if you want. Tell your friends (not posting on the forum) this guy is crazy. The point is, it is not YOUR vehicle, YOUR ad or YOUR business to dictate his asking price. Man up and make an offer. If he says yes, great. If no, make a counter offer or move along.

Just so you know, I have no fight in this sale, do not know the person, the rig or anything else other than what is in this ad. If the OP asks for an opinion on his pricing, feel free to chime in with whatever research you have done. If he is not asking, just go look at a different ad if you don't like his price. Plain and simple.
Mike, I get where you're coming from, and generally I agree that we shouldn't engage in "price policing" on this site. That said, the comment that BlueRidgeBob made regarding price also began with "Could you please share the list you made adding up the parts and labor? That might help address any doubts."

However much the seller is free to set his own price, potential buyers should be able to judge that price fairly. In this case, with this particular truck, there's been a LOT of hand-waving about the "value" of the truck, but not much of an itemized list of what makes it so valuable. More than one potential buyer (and probably a tire-kicker or two) have asked for more information over the four months this thread has been active. Seller is free to do as he pleases, but I submit that maybe we have a shortfall between what he knows to be the value of the truck and what might be obvious to buyers. Asking for a list of hardware and part #s isn't out of line and providing it would certainly help make the case for the value on offer. Particularly since the seller keeps inviting us to "compare to a sprinter van" every time he bumps the thread.


In the past, this forum didn’t tolerate commenting on the price of a members For Sale ad.
The only reason it may possibly be acceptable in this case is because the seller has stated several times that the rig is priced right. FWCs that are priced right are sold in minutes and hours, sometimes days, but never months
Just my 2c

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Honestly, why is everyone telling the OP what he "should" price it at? It is his rig, his price and his to deal with until it sells. If you don't like the price, move on. Don't continue to badger the OP because it doesn't meet what you feel the price should be or that he needs to justify why he is pricing it that way. If you make an offer and he says no, so be it. Make a new offer. He might be dead set firm at his price and that is HIS choice.
100% agreed. ExPo classifieds are full of people who aren't buyers telling someone why their vehicle isn't selling or what the price should be or so and so has such and such similar rig for $XXk less. Who cares. Every time I see one, I wonder why anyone would care to belittle a rig or a sellers pricing when you aren't even buying. Move on and look for the one you are buying.


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I followed an earth cruiser here for 2 years. I wanted to purchase and couldn’t buy for 220k. I told seller I’ll get a loan and it sold before I could. Now same EC would sell for 325+ the lesser $ amount campers go faster. bigger pool of buyers.


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I hope the buyer uses it more than I could, it’s so much fun to be in it. It just doesn’t look like it should handle like it does. That suspension and drive train and gearing were so well thought out. It’s safe and predictable. Effortless power, turns on a dime and floats over terrain you’d think would shake it apart. Hats off to Mark who masterminded it. He built another just a little bigger for his family of 5. Bravo!!!


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Somebody will step up and drive off in this camper. It would take several months to build it or a year. It’s not a hack job, the fit and finish and execution is superb and it’s a timeless piece of hardware. The negative remarks are welcome. Constructive criticism is great! The builder is a perfectionist and the team he assembled to complete the project are some dedicated hardcore off-road EXPERT PROFESSIONALS. No way you could build it for anywhere near the selling price. Enjoy the outdoors and leave it unscarred.

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