Sold - 2017 Conqueror 390, $10,000

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from the USA site...
Well Equipped For $34,660 +tax!
How can this be so cheap? Even when needing a "quick sale" the price being asked here is unrealistic! Is it a scam or what??
Total scam. That's why I've personally responded to 90% of these people by pm or email and updated the post every day or two with requested pictures including ones with my jeep and it's personalized tag. It's why if you search thru my posts on here you will find the same trailer under my account with pictures of it from 3.5 years ago. It's such an elaborate ruse the fourm mods are in on too as they can see all the conversations between myself and the interested parties but are letting it play out as they will get a kickback for their trouble. Well played detective.

Outside somewhere

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The seller probably has a few people that want it like me in line. I´m able to snag it up this weekend.
Between facebook (east tenn overland, carolina overland, carolina 4runners etc) and here we have had 65 inquiries. We have spent the better part of the day weeding out scammers, spammers and other idiots.

Our favorite offers were a straight up trade for a non running fj and an offer to pay us $20,000 via a money transfer from Nigeria.

Btw, I messaged you back.
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How can this not be sold yet???? If I could get it to Quebec, Canada I would take it !!
You would be 13th in line if all others pass or disappear. I can easily transport it myself to Derby, Vt for a fee. CBSA wouldn't let me cross due to travel restrictions of course. Let us know.

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Gentleman - be gentlemen. I've owned one of these trailers. This appears to be a legitimate classified. Guy's just trying to do the right thing and work through these in order. That sort of messaging takes time.

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