Sold - 2017 Conqueror 390, $10,000

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I have replied back to everyone's email and messages. I'm going in order of who messaged when.

To the person that asked if I'd take 8k - I'm going to pretend I'm not insulted and I deleted your email.

If you need specific pictures or details please let me know today, I'll get those to you in the next 24 hrs. If you are satisfied with what you see we can get contact info, number/email and arrange delivery.

I think I have told everyone that asked but if not we are south of Winston Salem Nc. Some of you are close, some are not. Not getting political but some states have more strict rules on travel right now. To cover my ass I'm not asking anyone to break laws. With that said I'm not much of a rule guy so I'm willing to work with the buyer on meeting somewhere if that helps. Afraid I can't take off to Utah at the moment though that sounds like a rad road trip.

Just let me know if you need measurements, pictures of something you haven't seen etc. I'm adding some linked videos from a walk around conqueror did for anyone that is curious on the tent annex combo as that seemed like a common question.

Someone asked what I like most and that was the 2nd biggest thing. Coming from 8 years with diff rtt's and using an annex alot with my brother, wife, cousins it was always a pain to open the rtt and then feed the annex into the c channel and open it. With this all being one unit you just unclip, open your poles and done. The biggest thing we liked was always being ready to go. Once you pack the trailer your packed. Add your food and beverages and go. Drop it, go explore and when you get back your basecamp is waiting no matter if it's remote Montana or a koa with 30 amp power and you need to do some laundry and have wifi.

The things we added list also was missing a couple of things -

All the large compartments have master lock 6121 rubber coated, lock cover commercial keyed alike locks. So 5 of those locks but you only need one key.

There is a rubber mat that we bought to use with the original shower cubicle that we didn't use. It's a thicker mat that allows water to drain thru. Found it today in the plastic.


Outside somewhere

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I posted all the pictures that were requested above.

I will start messaging people in the order they contacted me tonight. Everyone gets a fair shot as far as time. I assume at this point those that are interested are keeping track of this post and will see this as I've updated with pictures and info almost daily.

If you want it when I get to you and you are outside of NC I will require a $1000 deposit via cashiers check or bank transfer to hold and that hold is good for 5 days unless you are more than a couple of states away and need travel time which is understandable. I wasn't even going to ask for a deposit to hold but I've had three new accounts in the last three days that were scammers trying to scam.

For those that are in Tennessee, Georgia that have contacted me. If I get to you and you want it I could possibly meet Sunday or Monday in Asheville, Nc. Just throwing that out there.

I assume everyone interested wants the trailer with the Alucab awning as no one has said otherwise. At this point I am just selling it with the awning. It's literally got one trip on it. Not pictured but included is the factory piece that I removed to fab the aluminum bracket for the shadow awn.

On a personal note - I am not taking less. Please don't ask me too. If you are going to ask for us to take less please do not waste your time. I've had three or four people that have tirekicked and offered less. Let me explain why I won't as to avoid any further confusion. We paid 30k for this and made improvements. As with all toys you never get money back. We have had miles of fun and hate selling it much less at the beginning of camping season, after being cooped up AND for so little. I've got a time crunch to take care of my brother otherwise we would be keeping it. So for anyone thinking of asking a similar question, don't.



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The what - 2017 Conqueror 390

Price - $11,500 with a brand new Alucab Shadow Awn, $10,000 without it.

The location - North Carolina

Condition - Used, but excellent

Title in hand

Only reason for selling is I am under a time crunch. My brother is a combat disabled veteran who recently relocated here, bought a small home and began renovating it for life in a power wheelchair with lower cabinets, wider doorways etc. He has started renovations and the govt grant he was told he was getting for some of the retrofits was canceled. Can always count on the VA to **** things up. The grant was resubmitted but covid 19 has delayed everything for the foreseeable future.

Below you will find detailed specs from conqueror as well as notes on conditions of items, upgrades etc. This trailer has been meticulously maintained and stored in an ac'd/heated garage since day one. It's perfect for couples or growing families and the size makes it track great behind everything from a 4runner, wrangler, truck etc.

It is also a great platform for anyone with mobility issues. That is one of the reasons we purchased this type of trailer. The annex allowed my brother to cross in and out of the low threshold, fold up his travel wheelchair and transfer to a camping cot with zero assistance. The space of the annex allowed plenty of room for the ladder to still allow access to the top queen bed.

2017 Conqueror UEV 390

This is the base feature list -

-2500 kg (5500 pound) axle

-Gabriel shock with leaf springs

-Hot dip galvanized ladder chassis

-Electric 10″ brakes

-Off-road trailer hitch

-LED rear tail lights

-Adjustable Stabilizers, to stabilize unit when leveled


-Alloy wheels

-Dunlop at tires 245/70/16


-Wood rack

-Jerry can holders and Military spec Jerry cans (Green)

-5 access doors and two access doors on Nose box

-Aluminum Stone Protection

-Aluminum ladder

-Conqueror canvas roof top tent with drop down room 2.4 x 2.4 m. PVC roof.

-L-shape PVC awning-Velcro and fitted on roof top tent


-4+ Sleeper

-2.1m x 2.1m size bed

-High density foam mattress, covered in durable Conqueror branded covers

-Conqueror Branded Bed linen, fitted sheets, covers, pillow and pillow cases


-4 Wolf pack (plastic storage boxes) on sliders

-Storage clothing drawers on sliders

-Large mild steel powder coated nose box

-Steel camping table

-Rear outside wet storage boxes

-Dometic Stainless steel 2 burner stove

-Dual propane bottle holder and top strap

-Electroplated BBQ grid fitted on spare wheel

-Modular kitchen

-Cutlery drawer

-Fridge slider

-Crockery shelf

-Cutlery and crockery


-Grocery cupboard

-Pot holder

-Tent pole container with lid

-Bathroom/Vanity cupboard


-Pop up shower cubicle

-Dometic Stainless steel taps / hot and cold

-Two plastic washing bins with bracket

-Pressurized water pump and plumbing (9L per minute)

-Movable shower rose and mixer tap


-Mountings for axe and spade

-Axe and spade

-Eyelets for fastening of cargo to lashing rails

-Tie downs, 2 used to secure fridge

-Mosquito netting in windows


-Minibar bottle holder

-Utility bags


-Esperia level 2 Intelligent Power Management System

Set up for solar, 30 amp shore power etc

-6 x LED light fitted inside

-Hella Plugs x 5

-2x Battery boxes

-Anderson plug with 16mm wire connected to batteries for vehicle or solar charging

Items that have been upgraded or are new, recent replacements -

Both batteries are Northstar NSB-AGM31 group 31 Threaded Post 1150CCA, 220RC, 103AH ea.

The power pack system was upgraded by conqueror and has the ability to run lithium batteries, has an integrated solar controller and DC charger . It gives real time data on power, water etc

2000 watt magnum pure sine inverter

The mattress foam is new as of 6 months ago. Furniture grade from a company here in North Carolina that supplies foam to high end makers

The original Conqueror bedding has never been used (comforter, sheets, pillowcases)

All the bowls, dishes, glassware have never been used.

The optional on demand hot water heater is new as of 6 months ago

The pop up shower cubicle has never been used

The rear braai (grill) has never been used

The on board water tanks were dropped out and cleaned, cleansed at the beginning of October. I have taken great pains to keep it clean as this trailer is the only one in the US that has the on board water filter system. The system is currently dry but only needs to be flushed, run 2 gallons of Camco Taste Fresh (included) thru, use the TDS meter to check the quality and you now have fresh potable water.

All metal undercarriage parts have been coated with Fluid Film. If you don't know what that is look it up.

Our trailer was the first of the new style 390's to be imported. Just like the water filter system our trailer has the L shaped factory awning. Our also has the optional full enclosure kit for that awning.

Basically there are wall pieces that will enclose the entire area on the driver's side to the rear annex entrance. This means should you like camping in early spring or early winter and want your "kitchen side" enclosed for hanging out, cooking/eating you can do so.

However, we are people that like options so we decided that if we were just in one place for the night we want to utilize an awning system like the Alucab Shadow Awn. So I constructed a bracket out of aluminum extrusion that mounts on the driver's side of the trailer. It allows a Shadow awning to be mounted and open to fully cover from the pass side prep to cooking area. This is the only 390 in the US that has this. Other options add much more weight.

Again, I hate to sell this trailer. As you can tell from reading this ad from being garage kept in a heated/cooled garage year round, the upgrades, fluid filming the chassis etc we have truly cared for this trailer. The maintenance has been beyond anal retentive.

If this wasn't to give my brother a home that allows him to have the dignity of being 100% self sufficient we would keep this trailer forever.

Thanks for your time.

I'll attach more pics Sun, Mon.
Is this still available

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