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2016 Earthcruiser FX, built on a 2012 Fuso FG chassis (Updated to 2017 Model Year Specs by Authorized Fuso Dealer)
3 Liter turbo diesel with Duonic transmission
Mileage as of this posting: 69,902 (may increase due to pending trips)

With current pricing, a new FX will cost over $400,000 from Earthcruiser with a lead time of approximately 6-12 months.

If you are reading this classified, you probably already know some basic information in regards to the comfort and capabilities of an Earthcruiser FX or EXP. My wife and I purchased this expedition truck about 3 years ago and have since traveled approximately 40,000+ miles. We have spent months traveling all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. From the beaches of Washington, Oregon, California and Mexico, to the deserts of Arizona and Utah, to remote areas of the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains from Colorado to Canada. Additionally, we have been in subzero temperatures (down to -14 deg F) for extended periods of time while the fuel-sipping diesel heater kept our living area at a comfortable 70 degrees with little effort.

All the systems in this truck run exclusively on diesel or solar/inverter. There is no need for a generator, propane or a secondary fuel source to be totally self contained.

We have been incredibly comfortable traveling on many amazing adventures. Because this expeditionary truck is so well engineered we really haven’t felt a need in the past 3 years of traveling to make any major changes to it. All the improvements we have made were minor in nature and more to suit our particular style and needs. That being said, every experienced adventurer knows there are always “bugs” to work out of a newly built vehicle. Because we are the second owners and this vehicle is not brand new, all the bugs have been worked through. Even after an extended break from traveling, it is always ready to go after a few hours of loading, systems checks and minor preparation. Mechanically, it is always ready to go and we have never had it leave us stranded. Turn the key and it starts right up and is ready….every time. For more specific information regarding design decisions made on this particular style of rig, see the various “Why we did that” videos posted at .

This Earthcruiser has been outfitted with almost all the options that were available at the time of purchase by the original owner. All that’s left is for you to load your personal items and hit the road.

I’m sure people will ask: Why are you selling? We have certainly loved traveling in our EarthCruiser. It has done everything we have asked it to do over the last three years and taken us to places we did not think a vehicle of this size and weight could go. Often resulting in adventurer’s in Jeeps, Toyota’s, and so on, asking how we were able to get to some of the remote locations they have seen us camping. As far as what is next for us, we have taken Chuck (our Earthcruiser) all over remote areas of the United States, Canada and Mexico and are ready to move on to a new adventure. Possibly doing the Great Loop by boat, in the eastern United States. We have been so impressed with this vehicle, it’s capabilities, and customer service we have received from Earthcruiser HQ in Bend, OR, that if we decided to purchase another expedition style overlanding vehicle in the future, Earthcruiser would be our first choice. Just a quick note on Earthcruiser as a company. We spent several years looking at various brands and types of expedition vehicles before focusing exclusively on Earthcruisers. The engineering style of keeping things robust and simple so repairs and break-downs are less frequent and easier to deal with on the trail, really impressed us and made sense. The truck is very comfortable and capable off-road, it has never broken down on us. This seems to be the common remark made by other EC owners. Speaking of other EC owners. When we purchased our FX from the original owner, he notified Earthcruiser HQ and the owner’s forum. We were immediately welcomed into the Earthcruiser community by all the company and other owners. We were absolutely shocked at how the company itself has treated us like family since the day we purchased our pre-owned truck from the original owner.

Example: I have called Earthcruiser customer service many times (mostly when we first purchased the truck) for tips and advice regarding usage of systems and so forth. If the question was beyond the knowledge of the person who answered my call, they have gone above and beyond to get a timely answer back to me. When we were in subzero winter temperatures in Colorado and had a shower drain freeze up, I called customer service. The person at Earthcruiser told me she knew of another owner who uses their FX to regularly camp in cold temperatures. She would call them immediately and get back to me with any tips they may have to deal with the issue. She called me back 30 minutes later, giving me a simple solution, which has worked for us in cold weather ever since. This is only one example.. Don’t forget, I didn’t purchase our truck directly from Earthcruiser. That’s just the kind of customer service they provide. It's a great company who treats ALL their owners like family.

We are about to leave Arizona in a few weeks (if we still have the truck) and will be traveling towards the east coast, along the southern states. Please reach out to us with questions or to schedule a visit and we can advise where we are currently located.

Although we have traveled all over, we have been very diligent regarding keeping sand, salt spray and snow removal salt cleaned off the exterior and bottom of the truck. The previous owner lived in southern California and we live in Arizona so consequently rust is not an issue of any kind on this vehicle.

You can see more pics and videos at @serendipitoustravelers22 on Instagram.


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Chassis -

All services completed by authorized Fuso service centers. The model year of the chassis is 2012 but the delivery date was Nov 2014 so it has only been in service since then.

A quick note. We took our truck in for some routine service about a year after purchasing it and the service department determined it was due for some recall work that would be covered by Fuso. One item included was to move the oil dipstick behind the chassis (between the cab and the house) so as to not require tipping the cab forward just to check oil. A small detail but HUGE convenience for us. To my surprise, another part of the recall was REPLACING both the high and low turbos along with other DEF changes and software updates to the ECU and transmission. This brought our vehicle up to 2017 standards and completely changed the capability of our truck. It now has more low end torque for getting moving from a stopped position on an incline or in softer sand, snow or mud and just drives that much better.

Mitsubishi Duonic semi-automatic transmission (functioning both as a fully automatic transmission, or manually controlled transmission via the manual mode on the shifter – extremely easy for everyone to drive. There is no clutch pedal.

Manual front hubs to lock in four wheel drive.

High range gearing, better for on road travel. We have not experienced any difficulty crawling along trails off-road, and the on-road performance is noticeably better.

Front torsen type limited slip differential, factory rear limited slip differential.

Front 16,500 lb Warn winch with Warn pro synthetic rope, Factor 55 fairlead, and Factor 55 Ultrahook.

Emergency winch power cut-off switch, easily accessible from driver side of the vehicle while operating winch from the outside.

Earthcruiser leaf springs, most up to date front springs installed by Earthcruiser Dec 2017.

Timbren bump stops on the front axle.

Radflow EarthCruiser spec shocks.

16″ Earthcruiser Super Single wheels.

Toyo Open Country M/T 315/75/R16 tires, good tread remaining.

Earthcruiser (East Coast Bullbar) front bullbar, with mounted driving light bar.

Earthcruiser scrub bars/roof rack with two mounted 45 degree angle flood lights. (many photos of our truck on Instagram show an Alubox and roof rack basket - these are also included)

Earthcruiser heavy duty rear bumper, with Class IV hitch receiver and integrated brake/turn/running lights.

Custom fabricated aluminum rain gutter/debris shield to protect the baffles between the cab and the house.

Cab internal -

Cab fully insulated and soundproofed with Dynamat lining.

Cab (driver and passenger) LED map and reading lights, touch sensitive and multi-level light intensity.

Cab appointed with custom leather spring ride suspension seats with seat heaters, adjustable for angle, fore/aft, and suspension preload level.

Matching leather center console with integrated USB 2.0 outlets.

Hidden safe in cab for valuables/weapons, easily accessible from driver and passenger positions.

Rear and forward facing external cameras with in-cab display.

Viper alarm system with remote start.

Sony bluetooth compatible stereo head unit (powered by the house batteries, with remote to operate from the house area).

Uniden Pro 505XL CB radio.

Additional Options list when purchased from EarthCruiser -

Earthcruiser radiator protector/skid plate.

CV boot covers/protectors.

Increased fuel capacity and range – 62 gallons
(650-800 mile range at 11-13 MPG average at about 62 MPH).

Full cabin sound insulation using DynaMat adhesive high density sound insulation.

Front Torsen Type differential “locker”.

Water purification system, with the capability to draw water from external supplies and filter via onboard Seagull IV filtration system (filter changed a couple months ago).

EarthCruiser suspension seats with heaters – driver and passenger.

Center console in cab with cup holders and storage compartment, USB ports.

Heat reflecting privacy screens for cab windows.

Rear shovel holder rings.

Extra 110v outlets.

Safe in center console.

Electric awning option.

Pull out pantry in plumbing cabinet.

Microwave recessed into ceiling.

Extra rear utility light.

Reading lights in cab.

Forward facing camera.

Bedside cabinet.

DC air conditioner - This was installed after initial purchase with the latest version, installed in Dec 2017.

Rear bumper mounted spare tire carrier with cover and trash bag.

Secondary water tank – additional 25 gallons with anti-freeze heating element.

Marine grade DC fans (2) mounted in ceiling.

Onboard air compressor, hoses, dual outlets (one on each side, located in tool locker). Switched on and off from the cab.

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House -

All fiberglass and composite materials, extremely high quality and insulating moldings (think of a high end late model yacht or sailboat, and that’s exactly how it’s made).

Flooring is very heavy duty vinyl, single sheet, impact resistant, waterproof, and very easy to keep clean. Also well insulated.

House access door is dust sealed, gasketed, capable of being secured to the outside while open, in addition, it has deadbolt and twin key lock. We also have a magnetic closing bug screen, custom made for the doorway.

House steps are electrically retractable, and lighted. They will automatically retract if ignition is engaged while the steps are extended and the door is closed.

3 recessed 125W Solbian roof mounted solar panels.

TWO Blue Sky solar controllers/12v charge controllers. Earthcruiser generally only offers one controller with a maximum of 3 solar panels. The original owner had a second controller added with two external connectors for deployable solar panels.

2000W Magnum Inverter.

Marine-grade BEP systems control panel for managing power/water, utilizing owner configurable graphic readout panel, labeled and fully lighted circuit breaker/switches for the various house functions. The original BEP controller stopped working about 6 months ago and we purchased a new one online. Again, the engineers at Earthcruiser kindly sent me all the instructions necessary to properly program this controller when I installed it. When I ran into a couple questions during the process, the expert at Earthcruiser HQ called me back and spent 25 minutes on the phone patiently walking me through the setup. SUCH a great company!!

Two 270Ah Mastervolt AGM house batteries accessible from inside the house via floor access panel. Capable of being linked with the two truck batteries to start the truck in an emergency or charged with the truck inverter.

Webasto diesel-fired 2.9 gal water heater and heater. This system uses so little fuel I was unable to calculate how much diesel we used heating the house and water during a week in -14 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t a propane system where you would have to fill your tanks up every couple days and won’t even work when the temperature gets to much below zero degrees.

Two burner Webasto ceramic diesel-fired cooktop - one small corner piece of the glass/ceramic cooktop cracked when the original owner dropped something on it. He glued it back in place but it has since come off and was lost. We just filed the small edge of the glass to take away the sharpness and now we don’t even think about it.

Roomy 12 VDC stainless steel Isotherm refrigerator/freezer (This is a very energy efficient marine refrigerator that does not need to remain level).

Seagull IV X-1 water filtration system – can safely pump water from lakes and streams to produce clean potable water. In previously owned RV’s, we never actually used the “filtered water systems” because of the bad taste. However, this system produces water like you would have at home with a reverse osmosis system.
Numerous 120 VAC, USB 2.0, and 12 VDC receptacles throughout house, cab, and external rear storage compartments. All 120 VAC outlets are GFI controlled units.

950 watt Panasonic Microwave oven – ceiling mounted.

Custom mounted 22” LG flat panel TV with an HDMI cable run to the bed area to connect a phone/ipad etc, and external coax input for cable or antenna.

Arctic Breeze 12V DC air conditioner, 6,000W / 8,000 BTU.

Two Sirocco 360° ceiling-integrated house fans, with timers and multiple power levels. Lockable in the retracted or deployed configuration.

8 Dometic™ windows in the house (including the extra lower dinette windows) –double insulated, with integrated black-out and insect screens.

360° adjustable/removable dinette table.

Full size double bed, with custom memory foam mattress and additional memory foam pad.

Ample under bed storage: Four under the mattress and three storage bins, similar to drawers, in a cabinet below the bed.

Five drawer bedside cabinet.

Eight kitchen/pantry drawers with pull-out pantry.

Storage under the dinette seat.

Twin onboard water tanks, individually selectable, or can be linked. One 40 gallon, and one 25 gallon tank. Both can be used during freezing temperatures. The 40 gallon primary tank is mounted inside the walls of the house and kept from freezing via a fan that moves warm air from inside the house into the rear storage area. The 25 gallon external, secondary tank can be kept from freezing by utilizing an external heat pad attached to the base of it and controlled from the inside control panel.

Indoor and outdoor filtered water dispensing faucets.

Retractable Thetford cassette toilet, with 6 gallon capacity cassette.

Indoor and outdoor showers.

Interior shower space is integrated with a faucet/shower head. The electrically retractable Thetford cassette toilet tucks into a cabinet when you shower, unlike typical wet baths, where the toilet is basically right in the shower with you. There is an integrated LED white/red light bathroom/entry light, towel racks, and storage for toiletries/shampoo/soap/etc. Utilizes a sliding roll-up door to seal off shower space which self squeegee’s the water off the door when opened.

16 gallon gray water tank with main data panel water level readout.

Low energy LED lighting throughout the house, area selectable and dimmable – over dinette, bed, cooking area. Plenty of light to read or work. Individual reading lights in the bed area, and cab.

Large external-accessed storage compartments with automated lighting – one door on each side, with rear area of storage compartment having a large pass through area, suitable for skis, fishing rods, or anything else that’s long and bulky. Passenger side door folds down, enabling it to act as a work bench or quick cooking prep area, etc. (External Dometic fridge/freezer can be placed in the passenger side compartment).

Lower tool lockers on both sides.

Fiamma F65S power retractable awning on passenger side, controlled from switch panel just inside the house door.

Misc -

Buyer will be supplied with all service paperwork, subsystem manuals, EarthCruiser manual, Fuso FG manual.

For whoever buys our baby, I will be happy to provide extensive in-person instruction on how everything works. It will take a couple hours. There is also a private Earthcruiser owners forum that has a ton of information and contact with other owners (it is a wonderful group of people).

Known Issues -

The truck has been well cared for, but has also been used like it should be. There are some minor scratches on the sides of the cab and house from squeezing down some narrow trails (Arizona pinstriping). They are all minor and superficial.

The corner of the Webasto glass cooktop is chipped as described above.

One of the cables used to hold open the passenger side exterior storage door has frayed and needs to be repaired/replaced. I’m working on tracking one down. However, it has not proven to be a functional problem yet.

I am probably forgetting some things, but will update this listing as necessary. Please feel free to reach out and I will get back to you as quickly as possible! Texting is the best way to get my attention quickly if I don’t see your post on Expedition Portal in a timely manner (602-670-9116). Thank you for your time.

* The reason several pictures show the wheels as black vs the original aluminum finish is because we recently had all 5 wheels powdercoated black.


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This truck has changed our lives over the last 3 years with some of the places we have been and seen. So, I thought it would be a good idea to bump the ad from time to time with some more travel pics. Enjoy.



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We are about to start another adventure. Heading east from AZ towards North Carolina. If you are on our route and are interested in a rig like this but just haven't decided yet, send me a message and we can see if we can coordinate our schedules and meet up.

Here are some more pictures from previous trips.


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