SOLD!! 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock (and Road) with Ursa Minor J30 Pop Up Camper


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• Mileage <45,000
Original Build Sheet << (CTL + Click to View)
• Serviced 43,709
• No open recalls
• Price Reduced October 3, 2021 $54,000.00
• Clean and clear title in hand:
• Located in Wichita, KS, USA

At age 74, it’s time I scale back on some activities. I am the second owner of this great and very capable Jeep. The original owner gets all the credit for an incredible build. He installed only the best parts which are detailed below. I have upgraded the rig by installing or adding the following which are indicated with a (*):

*Upgraded Goal Zero Yeti Link Car Charging Kit to the Jeep electrical system. This was accomplished by mounting the Yeti to 80/20 T-slot extruded aluminum via 1 inch nylon ratchet straps. The upgraded cables were professionally connected to the Jeep electrical system.​
*Upgraded battery electrical connections.​
*Goose-Gear 40% seat delete.​
*Four Ursa Minor Awning mounts (Passenger side).​
*Rhino Rack Bat Wing 270° Awning.​
*Two Fire Extinguishers on mounts.​
*Ram Mount mounting systems attached to Vector Off Road dock.​
*USB connections to Vector Off Road mounting dock.​
*Recovery Gear Additions:​
Two Snatch blocks​
Two Soft Shackles​
8’ Tree Strap​
6 Ton Barrel Jack​
Bottle Jack Axle Cradle​
*Stahlbus Oil Drain system
*Two Midland GXT GRMS/FRS handheld radios​
*Two MOEBULB Roll Bar storage bags​
*Two XG Cargo Stealth Gama Roll Bar storage bags​
*Two 7-gallon Jerry water cans (Blue for potable water)​
*Cleanwaste Go Anywhere portable toilet (New, never used)​
*Portable Privacy shower/toilet tent​
*Black Trasharoo bag​
*Two Front Runner folding camp chairs​
*Lifetime folding table​
*Coleman two burner stove with extra propane bottle​
*4-foot propane hose with adapter for propane tank to stove​
*Weathertech trailer hitch step​

The rear seats, rear floor mats and cargo area carpeting are not installed but are included.

For more information or pictures, please send PM

Detailed information below.


Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JK) Model Year 2015
Ursa minor Standard Jeep J30 Pop Up Camper (JK)
Shell Body Color Selection: Standard Black Texture
Roof Top Color Selection: Roof Top - Silver
Rear Quarter - Drivers Side Selection: Solid Quarter Panel
Rear Quarter - Passenger Side Selection: Solid Quarter Panel
Power Outlets – 12 V in header: Power Package
Navigator Headliner Organizer: Navigator Headliner Organizer
Rear Load Bay LED Lighting: Rear Load Bay LED Lighting
Rear Wiper and Defrost: Standard Glass - no Rear Wiper / Defrost
Installation: J30 Factory Install

KBB: 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon x Baja Yellow - $37,000.00
Ursa Minor Camper $9,075.00

MetalCloak 3.5” Game-changer RockSport Edition Suspension $2,605.00
SteerSmarts YETI XD tie rod $424.99
SteerSmarts YETI XD “no drill” top mount drag link $424.99
SteerSmarts YETI XD JK Track Bar Relocation Bracket $139.99
Adams Extreme Duty 1310 Front CV Driveshaft $509.95
Fox JK Factory Race Series 2.0 ATS Steering Stabilizer $449.95
MagnaFlow 15219 Y-Pipe and Loop Delete Kit $379.78
Synergy C-gussets $70.00
Artec Lower Front Control Arm Skids $59.99

AEV Rear Tire Carrier $790.00
Mopar Winch Mounting Kit for 10A / X / Hardrock Bumpers $199.99
Custom Fairlead Mounting Plate $99.99
Rokman Diff Covers (2 x $115.45) $330.90
MetalCloak UnderCloak skid system $1,574.00
AEV Pintler Wheels (5 x $260.00) $1,300.00
BFG KO2 35x12.50R17 (5 x $329.99) $1,649.95
AEV Fuel Caddy $350.00
AT Overland JK Propane Mount kit w/ Propane Tank $246.79
Factor55 Fairlead $79.00
Factor55 FlatLink $140.00
Factor55 HitchLink 2.0 $79.00
Drake (DV8) RocKlaw hood latches $124.99
Warn Winch 9.5cti-s $1,916.99
Mopar Hood Lock $169.99
Bolt 5/8” Receiver Lock $31.99


Upgraded battery electrical connections, ARB Twin Compressor, sPOD Control box

Ursa minor J30 Pop Up Camper with screens open, RhinoRack 270° Batwing Awning,
Front Runner folding camp chairs, Lifetime folding table.

JW Speaker J2 Headlights $599.99
JW Speaker Model 279 J Taillights $299.99
Poison Spyder A Pillar Bracket $29.99
Baja Designs Squadron Pro Pair $359.96
Rigid SR-Series Pro Midnight 20” Spot/Flood combo light bar $569.99
Rigid SR-Q Series Pro Diffused Backup kit surface mount $349.99
Rigid 20" Lightbar mount $49.99
Brawlee LED Rear Glass Lift Gate Dome Light Bar $59.99

sPOD 8-switch Panel SE $734.99
Odyssey Extreme Series Battery $339.99
GoalZero Yeti 1400 Lithium Ion PowerStation $1,999.99
GoalZero Yeti Link Car Charging Kit* $424.99


The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 is mounted in front of the Goose-Gear CampKitchen station. The upgraded Goal Zero Yeti Link Car Charging Kit with 80A fuse protection has been incorporated. The Yeti 1400 is charged up to 700 Watts/hr when the engine is running. When the engine is not running, the Yeti is not charged by the vehicle system.
The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 provides 1500W/3000W Surge, pure Sine Wave 120Volt AC power, 12 Volt DC power, has 2 USB and 2 USB C connections. Input power: AC with fast charger, DC from Jeep electrical system, and solar power.

yeti-1400-lithium-user-guide-17-b58f.pdf (


Goose Gear 60% (Right) and 40% (Left) Seat Delete, AMEREX Halotron Fire Extinguisher on quick release mount.
Recovery Gear, air up/down equipment and tool bags are stowed below Goose Gear Seat delete. Lots of extra
storage room.

Goose Gear Rear Plate system, Side Cubbies with CampKitchen, ARB Fridge/Freezer.
MOEBULB Roll Bar storage bag (Front), XG Cargo Stealth Gama Roll Bar Bag (Rear) are located
above Side Cubbies.

The Goose Gear CampKitchen has a double slide operation, allowing the
fridge and/or the stove slide independent or combined operation. Tailgater table
drops down and provides table space and slide out Bamboo cutting board.

Goose Gear Cargo Plate $595.00
Goose Gear 60% Seat Delete $545.00
Goose Gear 60% Seat Delete Bracket $109.00
*Goose Gear 40% Seat Delte $467.00
Goose Gear Cubbies $825.00
Goose Gear Camp Kitchen 2.3 $1,799.00
Goose Gear Large Utensils Box $65.00
ARB 50QT Fridge/Freezer $1,011.56
Outback Adventure Products Trailgater $329.00
GraBars USA Front and Rear GraBars $175.00

Rear cargo storage solution (2 Zarges cases) $587.20
ARB Twin Compressor $559.00
MetalCloak ARB Compressor Underhood Mount $72.00
MaxTrax (Red) $299.99
Jeep Trail Rated Recovery Kit $204.99
*RhinoRack 270° Batwing Awning $768.20
*UrsaMinor Awning mounting brackets $310.00
*Trasharoo Spare tire trash bag $71.96
* XG Cargo Stealth Gama Roll Bar storage bags $260.99
* MOEBULB Roll Bar Storage Bag $61.99
* Weathertech trailer hitch step $56.98
* Two AMEREX Fire Extinguishers w/ mounts (1 Dry Chemical, 1 Halotron) $312.39
* Stahlbus Oil Drain valve plug $44.95

With purchase, The following are available at no cost:​
*Two Midland GXT GRMS/FRS handheld radios​
*Two 7-gallon Jerry water cans (Blue for potable water)​
*Cleanwaste Go Anywhere portable toilet (New, never used with Toilet Kit)​
*Portable Privacy shower/toilet tent​
*Two Front Runner folding camp chairs​
*Lifetime folding table​
*Coleman two burner stove with extra propane bottle​
*4-foot propane hose with adapter for propane tank to stove​
* Cabela’s extra large (83x38x2.5”) self-inflating Outfitter Sleeping Pad​

Vector Off-Road JKE-Dock $169.99
BTECH UV-50X3 Tri-Band Radio $379.89
*Ram Mount 1¼” ball Medium Extension, iPad Pro mount $176.70
*Ram Mount 1” ball iPhone mount $58.49
*Ram Mount 1” ball Garmin inReach mount $29.99
*Ram Mount 1” ball $14.95

All mountings listed above are powered by Jeep Power. All items which can be mounted to the
Ram Mounts can also be powered via USB from the Goal Zero Yeti 1400. The BTECH UV-50X3
is powered only by Jeep Power.
sPOD 8 switch control panel above rear-view mirror, Passenger GraBar

The cost to build this 2015 Jeep Rubicon with UrsaMinor J30 Pop Up Camper without labor charges is over $76,000.00. This Jeep has been meticulously inspected and maintained. The Jeep drives and rides like new
on the road as well as off-road. The manual transmission provides for amazing ability to crawl over any terrain.
The J30 Pop Up Camper coupled with the Rhino Rack Batwing Awning make for a great place, wherever you are,
to set-up camp and relax after a great day of expedition travels.

Thank you for viewing and I welcome your comments.


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Any photos of the undercarriage?

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Please see new photos of the undercarriage
order of pictures:
Left Front
Left Front
Left Front Brake
Right Front
Right Front
Right Front
Adams front Drive Shaft
Metal Cloak Armor viewed from right side
Left Rear
Left Rear Brake
more pictures in next post


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Right Rear
Right Rear
Rear Diff looking forward
Front looking rear

I have a lift reserved for tomorrow morning. I will get some better shots and include them in a post.
Thanks for your interest.


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Any photos of the undercarriage?

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Funny story regarding the undercarriage… before I sold “Rube” to Jim, I had it fully serviced.

The service tech told the service manager (who knows me) “hey, the yellow mall crawler is ready to go.”

The service manager told the tech “that’s no mall crawler, that Jeep has been on almost every major trail in Colorado, and all over Moab.”

According to the service manager, the tech managed to sputter out a “but, it’s nearly spotless underneath!” after picking his jaw up off the floor.

I haven't seen a batwing mounted to an Ursa minor before - I love the utility of it! Are there any issues with weight or any other negatives you can think of?


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I haven't seen a batwing mounted to an Ursa minor before - I love the utility of it! Are there any issues with weight or any other negatives you can think of?
Hello Ewak,
First, thank you for your comments and view. The Batwing is GREAT! I just got back from a trip to Chaco Canyon, NM where it was very sunny and warm. The awning was such a great asset, otherwise there would have been no shade. The awning poses no issues with weight, balance or noise. I put slippage marks on the mounts so I could check for any movement. There was no movement whatever. I was concerned there might be an issue with height going into the garage. I am still able to get in the garage with adequate clearance. Our opening in the garage is 83.5 inches. I takes less than a minute to unzip and open the awning. A few minutes to stake and extend the guy ropes, which I certainly recommend in windy conditions.
Again, thanks for your view.