SOLD 2011 LX 570 (200 series) locked on 37s


As some of you are already familiar, this LX is a very special and unique 200, and there is not another like it in the US or perhaps anywhere. I am a bad influence on my friends, and I convinced my best friend of 20+ years to join my Land Cruiser addiction last year. He is a developer by profession and doesn't understand the phrase "good enough", so he did an extreme build on his 200 so it could be taken anywhere in comfort with capability to spare. It only has the best parts money can buy and truly stands out in a crowd. At Cruise Moab this year next to some of the coolest Toyota 4x4s in America, this LX always had a line of people waiting to ask questions and check it out, and the Lexus wheeled amazingly well and impressed everyone with how cohesive it is. Sadly, my buddy only wheeled it for 2 days in Moab (came late due to work), didn't make it to Telluride (due to work), and then he wheeled it one last time on Red Cone with me. Before he owned the LX, it lived an easy suburban family life in Texas, and the frame is truly unbelievably clean and rust free. It now has a total of 3 owners including my friend, and the Carfax is perfect with no damage or accidents (and none aware of not on the Carfax). It was serviced at the Lexus dealership, even after my buddy owned it and terrified the service writer when he saw a monster on 37s pull in. The Carfax and Lexus service records are both in a PDF below.

As it may be apparent, his business is incredibly time consuming, and he hasn't been able to enjoy the truck and only put ~5k miles on it in his ownership of just over a year. The build has only ~2k miles on it, so all of the non stock parts are new within that time frame. He likes the Lexus but already owns a fleet of nice, new work trucks including his daily driver which is a built diesl 1 ton truck, and he complained from day 1 the Lexus felt too small and didn't have the power he was used to. Not really fair to compare a ~950lb ft torque to a Toyota V8, but whatever! That combined with the fact that I recently sold my truck and went in a different direction has swayed him decide to do the same. The Lexus is as beautiful as it is aggressive, and truly stands out in virtually every setting.

- 2011 LX 570
- VIN JTJHY7AX8B4061637
- Colors: Mercury Metallic / Cashmere
- Current mileage: 125,940

MAINTENANCE - All Lexus dealership

- Full baseline fluid flush and filters early and mid 2019
- New water pump at 99k miles 9/2017
- New radiator at 124k miles 7/2019
- Brakes front and rear with fluid 11/2018
- Tires 5/2019


- Dynamic cruise
- Heated steering wheel
- Cool box
- Mark Levinson sound system


This is where it gets good. My buddy figured out a way to use a mix of OEM Toyota Tundra parts and a BDS Tundra lift to essentially widen the truck and add a suspension lift to the Lexus by increasing the static height of the truck without adjusting the hydrualic OEM suspension. The AHC is still fully functional and raises, lowers and adjusts just like a stock suspension at a higher neutral point. It's truly above my technical knowledge, so if more detail is needed my buddy can chime in even though he's not on a forum guy.

Front Suspension

- OEM Tundra lower control arms
- SPC adjustable upper control arms
- OEM Tundra CV shafts
- OEM Tundra steering components
- BDS skid plate
- Relentless Fabrications Tundra body mount chop brackets
- 4.88 gears
- ARB locker

Rear Suspension

- Custom fabricated 4.5" lift
- Spidertrax wheel spacers to match front width
- 4.88 gears
- ARB locker

- Icon Six Speed wheels x5
- 37" Cooper AT3 XLT tires x5


This front bumper was designed for a 16+ LC, but my buddy is a skilled welder. He welded the bumper together and shaped it to match the lines of the LX, and painted it to match. It looks stunning, particularly in person.

- Rhino 4x4 3D Evolution front bumper with LED fog lights and skid plate system
- Comeup Seal Gen 2 9.5k winch with wireless and wired remotes
- Slee rear bumper which is probably the nicest aftermarket bumper available for anything
- Slee sliders which are harder to find than a manual left hand drive VDJ200 in the US with a roof top tent

Interior and accessories

- ARB rear drawers
- Prinsu roof rack w/LED light bar
- LED headlights and fog lights
- Genesis Off-road G Screen Monitoring System with ARB compressor monitor
- Switch Pro 8 switch panel
- PowerTrays bracket for switch-pro with circuit fuse box and terminal block
- TJM Airtech snorkel

Engine Compartment

- Slee primary battery tray with group 31 Odyssey battery
- Slee second battery tray with group 35 Odyssey battery
- Genesis Off-road dual battery power management system
- Slee ARB Twin Compressor Mount
- ARB Twin Compressor

As you can tell by looking at this list, it was a very expensive endeavor to end with a dialed LX on 37" tires. There is around $28k in parts invested and significantly more if labor is considered. The results are impressive however, and it is truly a turn key (button push now I guess) vehicle to take you just about anywhere. The Carfax and service records are attached in PDF, and I have lots of pictures and can get more if necessary. Let me know if you have any questions or want to come see it. Located in Denver but can meet all over the metro area.



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Genesis monitor below the heated/cool seat adjuster can be both dark or backlit

Genesis monitor below the heated/cool seat adjuster can be both dark or backlit



Beach Bum
Stunning, simply stunning. I have considered doing a similar build to our LX as soon as the warranty runs out. She should sell quickly and go to one happy home.


Thanks for the positive comments and PMs! Here are a couple of action and build shots. The stock truck went in for surgery in April 2019, wheeled for 2.5 days in Moab in May, wheeled 1 day in August, and was driven around town and to the mountains for ski trips here and there. It's been totally underutilized, but that's a good thing because the new owner can be the first to add a dent or scratch :D

Going under the knife

OSHA inspector showed up

Stage 2 complete - note the ACH was in the high position here, and in the static position it's significantly lower. I believe it is 6'11" in its current guise, but we can double check.

Shakedown run

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Forgot to mention - in addition to the complete service records and clean Carfax attached in post 1, 2 original key fobs and the title is in hand ready to be signed over. All receipts are available as well, so this is a no stories, well documented 200!

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