SOLD: 2007 Ford F550 4x4 Hot Shot Buggy 6.0L Diesel Automatic Transmission $27,500


This is a decommissioned Bureau of Land Management (BLM) “Hot Shot Buggy”. Hot Shot Buggies are crew carriers used by BLM and Forest Service firefighters. These trucks are meticulously maintained due to their use. There’s a bit of nostalgia in buying this!

Same exterior feel of an ambulance but without all the built-in cupboards, shelves, wiring, etc. that you would have to work around and/or remove. This is a clean slate to build however you would like.

Located in Bend, OR.
4X4, 6.0L, 8CYL, Diesel, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Power Steering. This is the last year of the 6.0L and every year had improvements. Check out this link for more details:

The commercial trucks had a detuned engine vs. the pickup trucks and thus don’t have as many of the issues as the higher horsepower pickups.

VIN: 1FDAF57P67EA76947

Miles: ~82,360

Outer dimensions:
Height: 114” (9’6”)
Length: 139” (11’6”)
Width: 90” (7’6”)
Overall length: 283” (23’7”)

Inner dimensions:
Height: 67” (5’6”) - Could easily be made 5’8” through center by removing the secondary 2x2 studs.
Length: 133 (11’)
Width: 86” (7’2.5”)

We have gutted, prepped and gone through all the systems so you can easily start your own build! We have over 40 hours of labor into gutting, prepping and fixing.
  • Driven from Safford, AZ to Bend, OR with no issues
  • Removed all interior components down to studs including fire crew seats, walls, subpar insulation, flooring, ceiling, AC/heating unit and lines, and back wall
  • Cab AC recharged after rear AC removed
  • Oil, filter and fluids changed
  • Engine and interior degreased and washed
  • Fixed and straightened some loose or bent body parts
  • Normal wear and tear on vinyl seats in cab (see pics)
  • A few Dings on a couple wheels
  • Tires have decent tread but a couple tread chunks missing and
  • Driver’s side window tint needs to be removed and/or replaced
  • PA is not functioning
  • Cigarette lighters in the console are not functioning
  • Dome light switch from the drivers side is not functioning
  • Side door lock is not functional
Vehicles were purchased to upfit and sell but life circumstances have changed so we are offering as-is.

As-is this truck handles very well off-road, on 4x4 trails, on the highway, etc.

SOLD: We have a 2002 Ford F550 4x4 Hot Shot Buggy 7.3L Diesel Manual Transmission $29,500 also for sale. Check out the listing here:


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More pics


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What? No replies. I'm surprised, this seems like a great starter package. Diesel, 4x4, aluminum box, and most important, available right now. I had to pay over 40k for mine and then spent weeks gutting it. Anyway, good luck with the sale. I'm sure the right person will come along.


We are surprised too at the lack of interest and commentary on this truck, especially since the 2002 sold in less than 24 hours and that these are so freaking cool! This vehicle has been very well maintained by the BLM. There has been no major work done on the engine and statistically any issues that might happen will happen early on. Best of all, this truck is pre emissions which means NO DEF.

Community.....looking for insights as to what’s holding people it the 6.0L, the interior height, not super single??? (Of course acknowledging that the price will go up with any of these upgrades). We appreciate your constructive input! Thank you in advance.


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Great looking rig but I think you hit the nail on the head. My guess (and why I would not be looking if I was in the market) is the 6.0L which in trucks have a bad rep (vans were detuned so a little more reliable) and the lack of box interior height. Then add not being super singles, just puts the nail in the coffin. As you saw with the 7.3L (IIRC you had this one and a 7.3L one for sale), the engine can play a big role in market value and demand. If this was the 7.3L, you would not have it anymore.

Just my opinion based on how I feel.


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The 7.3 rig sold fast, 7.3+manual+box+4x4. I think the hesitation would be 6.0, auto, interior height for some, no pass through? But I agree with Mattersnot, great platform to start a build!!


Thank you for the replies! We appreciate your input. This 2007 is very similar to the 2002 that we sold in less than 24 hours. They both have essentially the same box (this 2002 is actually a tiny bit larger than the 2002 we sold) and are both 4x4 dually. They both have a minimal pass through that could easily be made larger.

The 6.0L can be a concern in some cases, but this is a commercial truck which has a detuned engine and thus more reliable and doesn’t have as many of the issues as the higher horsepower pickups. This is also the last year of the 6.0L and every year had improvements, so this 2007 truck is the most durable and reliable for the 6.0’s.

The BLM and Forest Service fire crew teams trusted their lives with it, drove it hard, and maintained it impeccably, which I feel counts for something. It’s also been driven from Arizona to Oregon with absolutely no issues. It’s been through heat, cold, low elevations, high elevations and OHV trails.


Unfortunately our buyer had a family financial emergency and has backed out of the sale, so this awesome truck is back up for grabs.


My .02 on the vehicle platform is that the 6.0 unfortunately has a bad reputation based on (compared to the total number of engines produced) a small number of vehicles who have had major issues. Now, there were enough issues to warrant a portion of the industry being catered to the repair and failure prevention of these engines BUT they now exist, providing almost every part needed to make a potentially unreliable engine very reliable. I said "potentially" because not every engine is problem prone with the common issues involving the turbo and EGR. In my experience with three of the 6.0s that I bought at the same time as a contractor back in 2005, if they do not develop issues early on, they're likely to stay reliable for a very long time in stock form. One of our trucks has required more work than the other two, but with some of the basic Bulletproof parts installed we haven't had recurring issues. The other two have remained very reliable with only maintenance related items.
All of this to say, the days of the "6.0s are junk" are over. They're a great platform to build on and far less complicated mechanically and electronically than many of the new diesels that people seem to be very open to taking in remote places without a second thought. Add to that they are pre-emissions (which is a huge plus, depending on where you live), they make great power in stock form, and are comparatively cheaper than the legendary 7.3L; these vehicles should be on everyone's radar as a viable option for an adventure vehicle.


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Hi, I have the same exact truck (2002 F550 7.3L) if anyone is interested.

Here are some photos:

Moving forces sale unfortunately.

Seeking $30k OBO

Text is best 619-955-nine400


Have you sold this truck or is it still for sale?
Sorry, It's sold. I could have sworn I marked it as such.

I still have one just like this, but that's our current camper. We have talked about selling it, but are still not sure what we will get next.

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