SOLD - 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Quad Cab 5.9L Cummins 4WD and tray-mounted XPCamper Nimbl V1, needs an adventurer!


A Most Adventurous Couple
If anyone is interested in the camper let me know. I'm very interested in the truck.
In case anyone is interested, the flatbed tray was made by the same company as the camper, XPCamper. The camper mates to this flatbed by four positioning pins that go into matching holes in the flatbed and are then locked in place via horizontal bolts through the side of the flatbed. Though I suppose the camper could go on any flatbed if some sort of similar attachment system was fabricated, it's really much easier to keep the flatbed and camper together.


A Most Adventurous Couple
When I was in our camper last night I noticed something I've forgot to mention. Included in the sale is a complete set of National Geographic Adventure Maps for Mexico, and every Central and South America country. These are premium, waterproof and tear-resistant maps, nearly $350 worth according to my receipts. The Mexico map has been used, all the others are brand-new.


A Most Adventurous Couple
We've just been contacted about doing an extended foreign house-sitting gig but in order for us to do so we have to get our rig sold. I've just dropped the price to help take the sting out of the current price of diesel. Come take a look, you won't find a nicer used Dodge XPCamper Nimbl rig anywhere! Delivery to just about anywhere in the U.S. can be negotiated.
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A Most Adventurous Couple
I may have failed to mention that the sale includes camper jacks to remove the camper from the flatbed/truck tray. Sides for the tray are available from Nimbl, turning the rig into a great utility vehicle to use around the house or farm. This picture was taken before the truck build was complete so it's missing the full window tinting, truck bed liner coated rocker panels, custom made rear tow bumper and custom rear spring pack from Deaver Suspension.



A Most Adventurous Couple
It's worth mentioning again that our rig is titled and registered in South Dakota. South Dakota is unique in that it allows vehicles to be registered in the state by simply having a mailing address in South Dakota. If you've ever visited Mexico, Baja in particular, and wondered why so many South Dakota vehicles seem to visit Mexico this is the reason. Cars, pickups and RVs don't have to return to SD for annual inspections or in-person registration renewals. There are numerous mailbox services in the state of SD that can be used to setup your address that can then be used for vehicle titling and registration. In addition, for long-term travelers such as ourselves with no permanent home in the U.S., SD will issue a driver's license to you using your mailbox address.

Our rig can be sold to anybody in the U.S. and no sales tax would be due for registration if you simply setup and pay for a SD address using a mailbox service. I'd be happy to recommend the service we use if somebody needs it.


Why an auto? We chose the manual over an auto for ease of maintenance and availability of parts. A manual can be repaired just about anywhere outside the US, not so much with an auto as it will likely need to be replaced in its entirety.

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