SOLD! 2005 Nissan Frontier NISMO Built for Adventure SOLD!


I'm finally parting ways with this awesome machine after six years and many adventures. This truck has been tons of places and proven itself to be reliable and capable beyond what I expected. It's just time to move on to something that fits my growing family better. So, here she is. This is a 2005 Nissan Frontier NISMO 4x4 with plenty of modifications and upgrades, which I have listed below. Asking price is $10,000 OBO.

The truck currently has a touch over 206k miles, with around 100k on the engine. I have been very aggressive about maintenance and fixing problems before they become real problems, so it drives like a dream and doesn't show it's age at all. The engine got a new timing set and many new gaskets, spark plugs, coils, a few sensors, and all hoses before installation, so it runs perfectly. The five-speed automatic shifts smoothly. Goes in and out of 4x4 without issue. The NISMO package includes an electronic locking rear differential, which has been rebuilt with the stronger 4-spider carrier, new ring and pinion, and new bearings within the last 5k miles. The rear axle shafts were rebuilt with new seals and Timken bearings at that time. The front differential was replaced with the stronger M205 from a 2008 Titan, using V8 Pathfinder CV shafts. The front wheel bearings have been replaced with Timken units within the last 10k, as well as a full steering refresh, with new Moog outer tie rod ends and polyurethane bushings. The sway bar has relatively new poly bushings and Moog end links. Upper and lower ball joints on the front have less than 25k on them and are greased regularly. Entire suspension has less than 50k on it. The rear shocks are weeping a bit, but the ride is still very good. Tires have about 70% left on them, and I have a full-size spare under the truck. Rock sliders and skid plates have been stripped and repainted recently. Battery is less than six months old. The entire evap system has been replaced to fix a check engine light and I built a breather to ensure it never comes back. Catalytic converters and O2 sensors are less than two years old. All fluids have been replaced within the last 10k miles, and just had a recent oil change.

On the body, the panels are in decent shape, with a few expected dings and scratches. No rust. The only real damage is near the driver's side wheel arch, which I have included a picture of. The powder coat on the bumper is a little tired but serviceable. Passenger side fog light glass is broken but still operates. The wheels are fairly well scratched up, but they're round and don't have any bad damage. The windshield is cracked in the photos but will be replaced before the final sale. All other glass is in good shape. The interior is in excellent shape, with only a few minor stains on the seats. The driver's seat has a bit of damage where you'd expect, which I have included a picture of. The foam is still comfortable and supportive, so with the seat covers installed they're just fine. The back seat has some stains from kids, but I had planned on putting another seat cover on the back so I never worried about it. Driver's door card has a minor crack that I've forgotten about roughly 100 times. Every switch and electronic works well, including the sunroof. Sound system is the factory Rockford Fosgate, which includes a 6-disc changer, subwoofer, and amp. It's a great sound so I never changed it. There are two hard-mounted RAM ball mounts for a phone and a navigation system. AC blows ice cold and heater is red-hot. Overall the interior is in good shape and provides a quiet and comfortable ride.

The truck comes with a full compliment of spare parts in case of a trail or backcountry breakdown. Includes upper radiator hose, belt, inner and outer tie rod ends, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, coil pack, front and rear u-joints, and CV shaft. Also includes a complete spare engine wiring harness. I have removed a couple of accessories I wanted for myself, but left most of it. I removed the two bumper lights, but the wiring is complete and ready for lights to be hooked up. just connect and go. Same with the onboard air compressor. The compressor itself has been removed, but the box I used to house it and the wiring to run it is still there. I can help install any of this if you like.

Below is a comprehensive list of modifications.

Old Man Emu HD front springs
Old Man Emu Nitrocharger shocks
1.5" PRG strut spacer
SPC Upper Control Arms
285/75R16 BF Goodrich AT KO2s
Old Man Emu Dakar MD leaf packs
Bilstein 5100 rear shocks
Nisstec adjustable shackles
Extended diff breather mod
Extended brake lines
Total lift: 3 inches front and rear

Intake manifold spacer
Radiator bypass
Evap canister breather mod
Auxiliary transmission cooler
Transmission cooler fan
Titan M205 front differential
V8 Pathfinder CV axles

ARB front bumper
ARB rear differential cover
Shrockworks engine skidplate
White Knuckle rock sliders

Cobra 75WXST CB radio
Power distribution/fuse block
OTRATTW switches
Carhartt Duck Weave seat covers
WeatherTech floor liners
RAM mount for phone
RAM mount for nav tablet
Emergency glass break tool mounted on headliner

eBay snorkel
ARE canopy
VanTech canopy roof rack
IPF fog lights for bumper cutouts
Firestik CB antenna
Warn VR8000 winch
LED light pods in rear bumper

Ironman 2m awning w/lights
ARB Outback roller floor
Hep's Designs bed MOLLE panel
Jerry can mount
Hi-Lift mount in bed
LED strip for bed lighting
Bottle opener in bed

Xscorpion positive battery terminal
Kicker negative battery terminal
Blue Sea fuse block
Hella relay block w/relays
175W inverter
Wired and ready for bumper lights
Wired and ready for ARB CKMA12 air compressor in bed

The truck is currently located just outside Billings, Montana. Thanks for looking! More pictures can be found at: The full build history can be found here: Please PM me here or email me at

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That's a great deal on parts! Even better with the truck thrown in!
I've enjoyed watching you build & drive this, a little sad to see it up for sale, it's been a fun ride.

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That's a great deal on parts! Even better with the truck thrown in!
I've enjoyed watching you build & drive this, a little sad to see it up for sale, it's been a fun ride.
Ha! Thanks brother. I'm sad it's time to part with her, but it's finally time for a new build.

Thanks for tagging along. I have to get into the final updates on the build thread.


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Thanks man!

I'll consider $40.


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Sweet rig! I had a Frontier years ago a loved it. Been lusting over Frontier builds as of late. With a newborn now I wonder myself if a frontier would be too small. What kinda rig you looking to get into next?


Sweet rig! I had a Frontier years ago a loved it. Been lusting over Frontier builds as of late. With a newborn now I wonder myself if a frontier would be too small. What kinda rig you looking to get into next?
Thanks man! I appreciate it. Honestly, it really depends on how much you normally carry with you. The real thing is cab space, if you generally are minimalist in the cab it's no problem at all. My wife generally carries a bit more because she knits so it got tight. With one kid, it was just fine. With two, it's a bit too snug, at least for me.

But it's a really personal thing and depends on how much you have with you on a regular basis. If you've considered a Tacoma or similar sized rig, this is a good option because of the similar size, reliability, and drivability. Plus it's way less expensive, and I think more comfortable. More powerful too.

Next build is a bit of a secret for now.

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