(SOLD) 2004 Lexus LX470 (100 Series Land Cruiser) – Expo Truck Fully Built – ~235k miles


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!!! SOLD !!!

Asking !!! SOLD !!! – Carfax available upon request

Currently in Baja California (Mexico)

This sale includes a few extra equipment besides the truck and add-ons – basically you can fly-in and start driving towards Alaska or South America immediately –, like MaxTrax, Hi-Lift, Propane Tank, Gas and Water Jerry Cans (see “Extra Equipment included in the sale” below).


Links for more pics & videos (btw, the name of the truck is “Howdy”, so when you see “Howdy” on the videos descriptions I am referring to the truck):
https://photos.app.goo.gl/iyqYzQwoEmtSfvjf8 (pictures)

(video walking around the truck, showing the inside and features)

(drone fly around)

(video showing the rear drawer lights at night)

I bought this truck from an IH8MUD (Forum) member in December 2018 with 190k miles with the intention to drive it all the way to Tierra Del Fuego (Ushuaia) in Argentina on a year plus journey, unfortunately COVID-19 hit, and we got stuck in Mexico for a long period; it didn't however stop us from travelling with the truck for great lengths in the US, Canada & Mexico – therefore the almost 50k miles in the last 2 years of ownership.

The truck has been well maintained and cared for over the two years of ownership, no expense has been spared and only top notch/OEM components have been used in its maintenance as I had no plan on having the truck failing me during a trip in Central and South America.

As expected from an Expo truck used for its intended purposes, the truck has been driven but not abused! It has been off-road, and it does have its battle scars, for me this was an Expo truck and the off-road trails I took were from point A to point B for camping, and not MOAB style trails for the guts of testing off-road capabilities.

If you are a person that cares more about the low mileage than the history of the vehicle, this is definitely not for you. The truck is absolutely phenomenal and is in top notch shape – as a good Toyota/Lexus it has never left us stranded and it has always done its job with perfection – besides being a true couch on wheels with so much comfort for a 2004 vehicle.

The truck setup is perfect for anyone that likes overlanding/travelling or off-roading, alone or with company (animal or human) equally on weekend trips or long journeys like mine. One of the previous owners have wheeled the truck all over MOAB (including Hells Gate), so this truck is more capable than many drivers out there (I am definitely on the list).

All the major modifications to the truck were done by Johnny from OLC 4x4 (OverLand Cruisers or PBR Streegang on IH8MUD) (https://olc4x4.com/), he is one of the previous owners of the truck (you can even see a picture of this truck on his website). As history goes, he (Johnny) bought the truck from Cos4x4 (2nd owner) on IH8MUD in May 2014, sold it to Ryan on Nov 2017 and I bought it on Dec 2018. List of modifications below:

No changes whatsoever to the engine or gearing – this is completely stock!
- Slee Differential Drop Kit
- OME Heavy Plus 3" Suspension Kit (purchased from CruiserOutfitters and installed in October 2019) (http://www.cruiseroutfitters.com/sus_100series.html)
- 18x9 wheels by Black Rhino with Discoverer S/T Maxx LT 295/70/18 (34/11.50) – these tires will last another 10-15k miles.
- SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms
- HD adjustable Rear Control Arms

- ARB Winch Bar (with ARB LED marker lights)
- Slee Dual Pivot Rear Swingout with ladder and jerry can basket
- Slee RockSliders
- Slee Front Skid Plate (aluminum)
- Slee Intermediary Guard (Skid Plate) (aluminum)
- Slee Belly Skid Plate Plate (steel)
- H3R HalGuard 5lb Fire Extinguisher in H3R Heavy Duty Mount
- Escape Gear Grey Canvas Seat Covers

- ARB LED High Intensity Lights (flood & spot) wired into OE Harness (high beam linked)
- PrecisionLED Interior Lights
- LED USB Rechargeable Magnetic Lighting in Trunk Door to light up Drawer System
- Slee Secondary Battery Tray with ARB Compressor Mount (Main Battery: X2 Power 27F SLI27FAGMDP / Auxiliary Battery: Odyssey Group 34)
- IBS Dual Battery System Controller
- IBS Remote Boost Module Kit
- Blue Sea 12 Circuit Negative Bus Fuse Block mounted in cargo area (4-gauge wire with 100amp mega fuse to auxiliary battery)
- Marine LED Companionway Light and 12V Socket at rear of drawer system (have a spare Dual USB Socket as well if you prefer to swap)
- iSimple system for audio Bluetooth capabilities and AUX jack – both connected to the steering wheel buttons for control of volume, etc

- ARB Front & Rear Air Lockers with 80-series locker switch
- ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor
- Safari Snorkel
- Warn 9.5 XPs Winch with Synthetic line
- Slee Offset Fairlead
- Factor 55 Flatlink Expert Winch Timble
- ARB Universal Differential Breather Kit connected to Front and Rear Diffs

- FrontRunner Slimline Roof Rack
- Maggiolina Grand Tour Roof Top Tent (medium size)
- TrekBoxx Alpha Drawer – custom unit with 2 drawers on passenger side
- Eezi-Awn 2000 Series 2.0 Meter Awning (driver side)
- ARB 63qt Fridge with Wits End Coiled Power Cord
- AT 5lb Propane Bracket (5lb Propane Tank included in the sale)
- BlueRidge Overland Attic

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As mentioned, no expenses spared with the maintenance of this truck. Major work was done by SleeOffRoad, MainLine Overland in PA, StateAutomotive in Salt Lake City (the shop that Cruiser Outfitters works with, given they don’t do installs anymore) and OLC 4x4 Chief Mechanic Bill Lee (which performed the last major maintenance). I have all the paperwork from maintenance done by myself and previous owners.

For a detailed list of previous maintenance, please refer to the attached word document (“Maintenance Log”) as I did not want to fill this post with all the maintenance done in the last 6 years and almost 100k miles of the truck.

For easy reference, some major maintenance items below:
- Heater T’s Replaced @ 192k miles
- New CV Axles, Boots and Seals (OEM) @ 192k miles
- New Suspension (Old Man Emu Heavy Plus 3" Suspension Kit) @ 211k miles
- New Starter (OEM/Denso) @ 217k miles
- Timing Belt, Thermostat, Water Pump, Fan Bracket @ 220k miles
- New Upper and Lower Ball Joints, Sway Bar Bushings @ 220k miles
- Lubed and Balanced Rear Driveshaft and U-Joint @ 220k miles
- New Engine Mounts @ 220k miles
- New Hoses and Clips of Power Steering Reservoir @ 228k miles

Extra Equipment (included in the sale):
- 1 Pair of MaxTrax MKII Recovery Tracks (Red)
- MaxTrax Spare Tire Mount (you cannot find those anymore)
- Hi-Lift Jack 48" (Red) All Cast
- Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Base
- 2 Wavian Fuel Jerry Cans (Red) (5.3 gallon / 20 liters capacity) – those are the original NATO steel jerry cans
- 1 Wavian Water Jerry Can (Blue) (5.8 gallon / 22 liters capacity)
- 1 Reliance Jumbo-Tainer Water Container (7 gallon / 27 liters capacity)
- 2 Milk Crates (Green) – fit perfectly with the back-drawer system for storage of food
- 1 ARB Pump-Up Kit (for Tire Inflation)
- A few spare parts that I carried around during my travels (radiator hoses, belts, brake pads, fuel filter, EFI bypass, fuses, lights bulbs)

- 3 keys (2 OEM and 1 aftermarket)
- Original Car Manual
- Mini VCI Cable to use with TechStream (I can send the new owner the software and details on how to use it) to diagnose any Engine Lights or change functions – eg. if the doors unlock once you engage P, or if the doors lock once you engage D, among other stuff.)

Length: ~18.0 ft (~5.50m)
Width: ~7.2ft (~2.20m)
Height: ~7.9ft (~2.40m)

As an Expo Truck with many miles during the last two years travelling and camping across the US, Canada and Mexico, the truck had an unfortunate mishap while maneuvering to park and camp in a wild camping spot near Yosemite NP in California. There was a downed tree at the camping spot at just the right angle to not be visible. The result was that the tree smashed the rear passenger door.

I alone sourced a replacement door (no insurance involved) from an auto parts recycler and had it installed at a top-notch professional bodywork shop in Seattle, WA. The replacement door is an exact match to the vehicle color (the donor vehicle was an '05 LX470 from the exact same factory – therefore no color mismatch) and everything works as if there was never a swap. If there is any color difference, it only comes by if you align your vision, the sun position and the truck is sparkling clean (just off from a detailer) and even then, it’s barely noticeable – feel free to zoom in the pictures and look hard to see if you can notice any color mismatch (I haven’t edited the pictures) –, even when I visited Johnny (former owner) he couldn’t notice the door was swapped until I deliberately pointed out to him. I have all the documents from the replacement, including before and after pictures, pictures of the donor vehicle and its VIN number if you want to check it out for yourself.

Final Notes:
Shoot me a PM or post below if any questions. Can also drive the truck anywhere in Baja if you want to see it personally.

Will properly remove all stickers prior to deliver.

There is an open recall which is that huge Toyota and Lexus wide airbag issue (there was a big line to do this recall since it basically involved all Toyotas and Lexus ever sold, and I was travelling cross-country so was challenging to get an appointment), it should be easy enough for the new owner to stop by a Lexus or Toyota now though.

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Undercarriage pics by chance?? I see pics of everything but unless it's in video....great rig...you put it up for sale about 3 weeks to early for me to snag I'm sure but if this is still here after 2/15 I'll be very interested


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Undercarriage pics by chance?? I see pics of everything but unless it's in video....great rig...you put it up for sale about 3 weeks to early for me to snag I'm sure but if this is still here after 2/15 I'll be very interested

Send me a PM with your email address and I can send some your way. They are not the prettiest as I was just crawling under the vehicle trying to take a few shots - reason why I haven't posted here.

I will try to put the vehicle on a lift and take some good pics to post it.

PS: Awesome username!

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