***SOLD**** 2003 Land Rover Discovery SE-7, fully built for expeditions


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Sunny day in Vancouver! Buffed and waxed, most of the Washington/Oregon/Idaho/Nevada scratches gone. Time for some new pinstripes from a new owner.fullsizeoutput_dac.jpeg


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Is there a email to contact you at. I am very interested in buying this soon. Incredible vehicle. I also sent you a private message.


Hmm....my favorite DII color.
Miles on chassis/title?
Issues with meeting emissions with with cam, etc? Do you have smog tests required where you live?


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I do love the color..there's something about the wheels (besides the color) that people seem to mention every time. But Thanks for noticing!
good questions:
-miles on chassis and trans, 165K
- total miles on new completely and professionally rebuilt motor, 30K
- passed smog with flying colors.

feel free to text for any more questions...I seem to forget to check this site



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I apologize as I probably missed it, but is the awning/tent included?

Fairly interested but I am in the SouthEast...no trips planned this way I am guessing?


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Thanks for the support and interest. Awning and tent available for $350 each...or, for a short time only $700 for both!