Sold: 2002 FlipPac with rain fly. Newly Added Bonus: FP Ramblings from a Long-Time Owner. Must read!

billy bee

It’s time to move on after many years of camping in my FP. Bought a Class C RV and prefer it to the FP. I must be getting old…

I am selling at a very reasonable price for a few reasons: I want a quick, painless sale; it needs some love; I’m lazy. I helped SLO Sail develop the rain fly. So, there are lots of pictures of my FP out there. Look at my older posts. You’ll find older pix. It’s a little more tired now but perfectly serviceable.

Sorry, but I don’t have a lot of time or energy to mess with this; so, contact me by email if your interested and come and get it. $2000 with the fly. Fly has two windows and four vents. Very nice.

Here’s a gallery with some ten-year-old pictures: I have not done much with it since they were taken. So, imagine another 10 years of CA sun and some wear and tear. (Yup, I am too lazy to snap current pix.)
Email is motobill at gmail. Include a phone number and whether you’d prefer a call or text. I’ll be in touch. Don’t send a PM. I won’t see it. Not on here much anymore.


billy bee

Well, I got over some of my laziness to post a few pictures, mostly as a data point for other FP enthusiasts/buyers/sellers. Here is a picture of my fly (two windows and four vents) in the pouring down rain. It was cold, too. Stayed dry for three days in that thing. Day four and it started to seep. But, hey, how many times do you get 4 days of pouring rain in CA? This is a crappy picture taken with a crappy cell phone in the pouring rain.

Here are a few pictures of the FP on my current truck. Take from my balcony. The paint is basically burned off of the roof, and the clear coat is gone.

Lastly, here are some dimensions. Again, I am posting this up as a data point, not to try harder to sell this thing. A sale is already pending. I think the information might be useful to others.
80 3/4” long OD at base
74 1/2” wide OD across base in the back
61 1/4 wide ID from inside of the lip at the back
24” high overhang, from the bed to the, um, overhang.

This particular fit onto three different trucks. In fact, I have purchased three trucks because they fit my FP. (Crazy like a fox, huh? Never understood people who were looking for a FP to fit their truck. Needle. Haystack. Well, you get the picture.) First truck was the 1998 Dodge CTD. pictured above. Third was the 2001 Chevy 2500HD CCSB, also pictured above. Second was a 1996 Chevy K1500 ExCSB, pictured below. More pictures of the GMT400 with the FP are available here in this gallery:

A few other things that FP owners may have figured out and shared here. We learned a lot about these things when we patterned mine for the rain fly. We also got a junky one and disassembled it for parts. Tents and lids are all the same size based on all of our research. We have cut the flys for hundreds of FlipPacs and they are all symmetrical and all the same size.

Anecdotally, I have learned and believe that the torsion rod breaks on units that have been subjected to more extremes in temperature. Mine is original and has lived its entire life in Central and Coastal CA. Probably saw freezing weather a handful of times. Lived in weather that averaged 65 degrees. Rough life.

I never had any problems with the shell cracking. I know AT specified a more robust structure when they were selling them. I have had all of my trucks cross axled to the point that the doors barely open. The frame flexes but the bed is nowhere near as flexy. In fact, it is pretty rigid. Think about it; it's a steel box. Ergo, the FP was never subjected to extreme torsional force. Never understood the big fuss there.

Lastly...I have camped hundreds of nights in mine over almost 15 years. It has deteriorated somewhat. The tent material has worn thin in places. (I am providing my buyer with some insignia cloth (aka stickyback) from SLO Sail as a patch material, but we think iron-on patches may work well, too.) Of course, you can always remove the tent and sew on patches. The window screens are crispy and cracked. They were just crispy when I bought it. The fiberglass screen material does that. The foam mattress has deteriorated somewhat, too. I still find it perfectly comfortable. Still has the original cover on it, but a double- or full-sized fitted sheet covers it very nicely. I prefer flannel.

My point here is that these things can be a really comfortable, durable, and convenient camping solution. Obviously the remarkable part is the flexibility they offer. Brilliant design. Moderately good execution. Sometimes maligned reputation for quality. But mine has served me well I anticipate it will serve its next owner equally as well.

I feel like I am eulogizing my FP here. I will miss it. I still get excited showing people how it works and how much space there is inside. But my FP ownership has run its course (as had most of my off-roading and overlanding). I am back into racing sports cars crapcans at the SCCA Pro level 24 Hours of Lemons. Doing more mountain biking. Traveling in my RV. I have really enjoyed camping in my FP. I am happy I was able to contribute to the FP community over the years.

SLO Sail will soldier on making flys. They can make custom stuff, too. Really clever group of makers there. I always thought a cover for the lid of the FP would be a good idea. Give them a shout. Tell them billy bee sent you.



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@billy bee, thanks for leaving so much Flippac knowledge here on ExPo.

I have the prototype maroon/tan SLO rainfly now and it’s in amazing shape for an 11 year old (?) rainfly, like brand new. If that speaks to how well you keep your things, then your Flippac is going to make someone very happy.

billy bee

@billy bee, thanks for leaving so much Flippac knowledge here on ExPo.

I have the prototype maroon/tan SLO rainfly now and it’s in amazing shape for an 11 year old (?) rainfly, like brand new. If that speaks to how well you keep your things, then your Flippac is going to make someone very happy.
Well, I hope it make the new owner happy even though I haven’t done much with it in a few years…

BTW, I always thought that first fly was especially cool b/c of the color options we had. Always reminded me of the colors you might see on a 1978 Cadillac Eldorado…


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It's funny you mentioned buying a truck to fit the FP, I would not buy a 3rd gen Tacoma until I made sure my FlipPac would fit.