SOLD 2002 F350 7.3 Lariat Crew Long bed 157,000 miles and Grandby Camper $30,000 Willing to split!


We are selling are much loved 2002 Ford F350 crew cab long bed and Grandby camper.
This truck has been a great vehicle but it was time for us to upgrade. We are the second owners of this truck and its first life began with my neighbors using it a couple times of year for road trips to the coast with their camper. I got the truck at 40,000 miles and have taken it to 156,000.
I built this truck out for us to take family camping trips to pretty remote areas; as such, I have done a lot of upgrades. The most important upgrade I didn’t do, is mess with the engine or exhaust. I have never chipped or otherwise put any sort of tune or performance upgrade. This truck has plenty of power and reliability without messing with the engine. I did do some longevity upgrades as listed below.

I bought the Granby camper after selling our Syncro because we needed more space for our family. It was originally a 1979 that I completely gutted and rebuilt twice. The first rebuild was putting in all new systems and interior and reframing the floor to fit in a newer truck bed. The second rebuild was last year when we completely resided the exterior, and did other upgrades as listed below.

This truck and camper combination is ready as it sits to take you anywhere in North or South America. This truck is almost 20 years old and barely broken in, however as with any older truck there are idiosyncrasies, and little things that can be finicky. I would not hesitate to take this truck on a trip, but before you do, I will completely go over all the upgrades and familiarize you with it.

Sold as a package at $30,000 OBO willing to separate


  • 156,704 miles 7.3 Powerstroke run with Rotella
  • lariat package with complete interior detail completed (heated front seats, full leather), both seats are full power 10-way with lumbar.
  • Custom center console with built-in safe. Entire console can easily be removed and a replacement center seat could be installed.
  • Limited slip rear diff. This truck has the heavier duty dana 80 SRW axle
  • engine heater, all weather floor mats, rain deflectors, tenkosha brake controller (400.00), camper pkg. w/swaybar, led tailights,
  • Ravelco antitheft system with two keys. Two remotes and two ignition keys
  • Jimmy jammers for all four doors, not yet installed (these prevent someone using a screwdriver to easily open the door.) These take about 20 minutes per door to install.
  • Aftermarket radio kit, the radio is just an inexpensive boss radio but the dash panel and radio adapter allow you to put an aftermarket radio in.
  • 2 inch front leveling kit
  • 285/75R-16 Les shwab Open country tires with about 50%~ tread
  • Sinister diesel coolant filter installed at 40,000 miles and run with caterpillar filters
  • 40,000 miles to 120,000 miles ran a sinister diesel bypass oil filter. The filter mounting bracket cracked so it is not currently installed but could be reinstalled with a new bracket
  • From 40,000 miles to current have run a 6637 air filter
  • Tough country winch bumper
  • Warn 12,000lbs winch with synthetic line
  • Line-X’ed bed
  • Hell roaring battery isolator
  • Two brand new batteries from Costco
  • Jumper cables with quick connect
  • Headlights were upgraded by previous owner with a high output harness
  • Brand new riffraff diesel silicone boots throughout (intercooler boots not installed yet)
  • Brand new alternator
  • Upgraded mirrors to 2008 style, power, heated
  • Airlift springs with bluetooth remote and compressor
  • Rebuilt HPOP in 2019
  • new; ICP,CPS with spar and IPR sensors
  • Etc.

Recent Upgrades/Mechanical performed by Lucky’s Diesel (Ford only diesel specialists):
  • Replace all eight glow plugs
  • New UVC harness and valve cover gaskets
  • Replace injector number three and eight
  • New front brake rotors and pads new driver side caliper
  • New poly bushings installed on entire front including; leaf springs, swaybar bushings, rear sway bar bushing’s, etc
  • New coolant reservoir/de gas bottle
  • Flush coolant system and put in new fleet charge coolant
  • New Bilstein 5100 shocks on all four corners!
  • Full Transmission service
  • New drag link and tie rod ends/new steering stabilizer
  • New upper and lower ball joints
  • New vacuum switch (the dash 4 x 4 switch works excellent)
  • Rebuilt rear differential with royal purple gear oil
  • New rear brakes and rotors/new calipers
  • New U joints on driveshaft

  • Over $12,000 of work done last year alone to make the truck completely reliable. Have all receipts for work.
1979 Grandby Four wheel camper:

  • Pull out king size bed
  • fits on 2001-2020 Ford or other 8' bed
  • All new custom cushions with new foam; three-piece sleeping foam has 1 inch memory foam on top of firm. Vinyl on bottom of cushion prevents condensation damage and allows use on the ground outside.
  • Roll over couch converts bottom to full size bed
  • All marine grade wiring with AGM battery, 100W solar with MPPT controller
  • 20 gallon water tank
  • 6 gallon propane water heater
  • Ambassador marine grade sink faucet/shower; can be hung outside for exterior shower
  • Truck fridge 12v
  • Entire camper insulated with 1 inch foam
  • All windows upgraded
  • Fantastic fan
  • RV screeded escape hatch installed above upper bed allows access to roof and stargazing
  • New insulation and headliner
  • All LED lighting including red LED nightlight and motion sensing porch light with two side porch lights triggered by the rear porch light.
  • 2019; entire camper resided with Dicor (aluminum solid plastic interior aluminum). Siding was attached using marine grade 3M adhesive caulk and SS rivets making the entire camper much stronger but still flexible.
  • USFS Axe/shovel mount with lock.
  • Maxfan rain cover over fantastic fan.
  • Roof, hatches, and screws sealed with 3M marine grade caulk.
  • For hydraulic Rico Jacks included

  • The relays used for the high output headlight harness work but if they need to be replaced they are expensive Honda relays
  • There’s a bunch of miscellaneous wiring from the original camper my neighbors used under the dash. Some of this wiring is for a camera that was linked to a separate monitor in the cab.All of the wiring could be easily disconnected, but I kept it to help confuse any would be thieves trying to figure out the Ravelco
  • I’m happy to go over all the wiring with the new owner.
  • No center seat; I built a custom console and the seat got damaged by rodents in storage.
  • A few dents and miscellaneous scratches on the truck
  • The tough country bumper had some rust spots that I ground out and treated with rust converter, They were all Surface.
  • When I took the truck in to get the bed line-X’ed the company that did the work actually put Linux over the camper package in the bed of the truck; basically the front bumper pads and the four camper centering angles are Line-Xed in place. Additionally, there are a couple areas where the line X has bubbled, this is covered under warranty and they can re-spray the truck at no charge. If the camper package was removed in advance then the truck bed could be re sprayed under warranty. The camper package really helps to secure the camper and I have never had an issue hauling materials with it in as you can still carry 4 foot wide sheets of material.
  • I have not hooked up the wiring from the heated mirrors to the switch in the center console yet.
  • There's a small tear in the front driver seat approximately an inch and a half to 2 inches long. That is the only tear
  • The support board on the camper on the overhang has water damage in the corner and should be replaced.It is sturdy now but is an an easy replacement.
  • The roof on the camper, as with most of these campers, has some hail damage and is a little bit dinged up.
  • The front camper roof lift support has some water damage. I'm pretty sure I have another lift panel.
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Beautiful truck!

I’m guessing northern front range of Colorado (license plate and Lucky’s Diesel)!

Lucky’s is a great shop for anyone interested...only people who touch my Ford!


Thanks I'm really reluctant to sell it but I got a new truck and we are restoring another Grandby camper. Yep I'm in Boulder, and Luckys diesel is awesome I would literally not have anyone else touch my truck.


New member
May I ask - did you move to a newer F350? That’s a great truck. Wish I had the raveloco in my mint 2003 F250 CCLB. Looking for a replacement.