SOLD: 1991 F250 7.3L IDI 4x4 -- reliable, all mechanical diesel $3900



An awesome platform for a full-size, domestic expo rig. 7.3L International diesel motor runs great. 5 new tires (255-85-16). Runs great on bio-diesel. Dual fuel tanks. Lots of new parts to keep it mechanically reliable. I planned to keep this truck forever and treated it as such. The fact I live in a city (and will for years to come) and also having a baby have slapped me upside the head. It doesn't make sense for me right now. I've gotten a stock 4-door Cherokee for the time being and I'll get back to my expedition dreams later on in life.

Having said that, this truck has been great and never let me down. In the 4.5 years I've had it I did a lot of maintenance to make it reliable and took it on lots of camping and hunting trips. There are more details than you want in the Craigslist post.

The Craigslist price is higher than what Expo members get it for. I'd like $3900. Also, since Expo members will appreciate it, I will throw in my auxiliary battery system and a 12V Edgestar fridge. The house electrical system is 2 6V deep-cycle batteries mounted to the frame in a metal frame I fabricated. The wiring goes to the bed to a BlueSea 12v power distribution board in a small Pelican case.

I have a few odds and ends to throw in as well. I love this truck and hate terribly to see it go. I'm hoping someone here can take it more adventures.

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Rot Box

Oh shoot :( hopefully it finds itself a good home. It's tough to beat an IDI they're such a great engine and so simple and cheap to work on. Nice truck glws.


I wish I were keeping it but I've got nowhere to store it while in the city. I also wish it had the ZF ;-)