SOLD 1977 mustard FJ40 with M416 trailer (MN)


Selling my 1977 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser originally from Arizona, purchased and trucked up here to northern Minnesota in April, 2003.

It has the original 2F inline 6 with the OEM carb. It came with aftermarket headers which I retained from the the PO. I added a small cap distributor from a 60 series Land Cruiser. It sits on a Man-a-fre 3 inch lift with stock steelies and 33x10.5x15 BFG’s.

I had a friend fix the one spot of rust on the tub on the rear sill with new metal and also had him weld in an OEM fuel door for the aux tank which had been previously riveted. I drove it as is for a summer.

Not wanting to go down a deep rabbit hole I chose to do a frame on restoration. My plan was to use the 40 as on off road overland vehicle. To be used, not abused. So I disassembled the body panels and brought all the parts to a guy to get painted mustard yellow. At this time I also purchased a couple aftermarket front fenders (the only non original steel on the 40).

The OEM seats have been reupholstered. For the jump seats I used a set from a prior 1979 that I had which I prefer due to the leg supports.

The front bumper/brush guard, the rocker and front fender protection, and the front cage kit that is welded to a stock roll bar came from Proffitt’s Cruisers in Colorado . On the front end is a period correct Warn 8274 with synthetic line and poly rollers.

All the extra protection, including a rear tube bumper with added elbows to protect the rear quarters, were powder coated for durability.

After getting the rolling tub back I went to my local Line-X dealer and had the interior professionally sprayed. Once again my plan was long term use including trips out west, where with use a painted floor would just get abused and heavily scratched.

Since I live in the rust belt I new I would never drive it in the winter, so my plan was to always run without the hard top. But still needing some protection from the elements I went with a STC soft top with 2 piece soft doors. The top had recently received a great review in Toyota Trails and the more stock looking ones were just coming onto the market from Pakistan. At the rear is a simple panel where the ambulance doors would normally be.

The 2 piece soft doors and zip in windows have been used a handful of times, essentially new and laying flat in the box.

All the hard top pieces (front and ambulance doors, upper quarters, and fiberglass top) were painted and reassembled but never put back on the 40.

So keeping up with the plan for this rig to be used on trails I also added a rear locker (Powertrax) and did the rear disc brake conversion. I re-plumbed the aux tank with a stock sending unit, with a flip of a switch on the dash the mechanical pump pulls from either tank with the fuel gauge reading each tank independently. Both fuel doors are keyed the same.

In the spreader bars of the roll cage is a Cobra CB, which was considered at the time essential equipment for a group trail ride. In the unmolested radio slot is a receiver with speakers mounted to the roll bar behind the driver and passenger headrests. Once again at the time a decent option. Now I would just use a bluetooth speaker and remove those speakers and radio.

For secure storage with a soft top I also put a lock on the glove box door that is matched to the Con-ferr center console and a MagLite mount. For additional secure storage I added a military box behind the seats. There wasn’t a rear heater in the rig when I purchased it and with only summer use here I wasn’t going to need one either. The holes on the top of the rear fenders were already there from a PO, the L brackets were Plasti-dipped to protect the paint and the box is suspended off the tub floor.

On the dash I added a 4Runner altimeter/inclinometer that is wired and can be seen at night.

I started acquiring parts to install the mini truck power steering such as the gear box and shaft, plus the Dory brackets. These will go with the 40.

Also coming (or at least optional) with the FJ40 is an original 1967 M416 color matched trailer. All part of the plan for an overland rig set up to go exploring. It has the original pintle, working landing leg and hand brake, etc. Original lights with upgraded LED’s and “mule” red lenses for better visibility. All new wiring ran through the frame, The rims are painted to match the 40 wheels and have new tubes and tires. It also comes with a spare wheel and mounted tire, a spare tube, the original data plates and blank data plates for customization.

Back to the 40. If one wanted a stock looking rig all the extra protection can be unbolted. One would need to source a front bumper and rear bumperettes. An extra stock roll bar will come with along with a rear heater. If you want a different glove box door I could swap that out as well. A new dash pad would be nice (this has one significant crack). The white fiberglass top has automotive grey carpeting instead of the correct perforated OEM liner.

I’ve got a ton of manuals that will go with it. New LED bulbs for the instrument cluster (all the gauges work). Four OEM hubcaps for the stock steel wheels. The little inspection light is in the glove box. The gas tank cover to go under the passenger seat. A new Old Man Emu steering stabilizer. I’m sure I am forgetting a few other items.

The 40 has a couple oil leaks and will need some mechanical work such as tie rod ends, etc. But it starts every spring and gets driven here around town to the local pub or lunch date. As all 40’s do it garners lots of lookers and compliments.

Both the FJ40 and the M416 trailer have clear MN titles. I would prefer to sell as a package.

Asking $33,500

Please feel free to ask questions and are encouraged. It is a lengthy and at times rambling description of the 40.

More pics are in the Craigslist ad: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/cto/d/duluth-1977-fj40-toyota-land-cruiser/7203636040.html