*SOLD* 1975 Volvo C303


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1975 Volvo C303

Located in San Diego, California

$30,000 obo

One of the most unstoppable 4x4 in the world with the length of a car, and height/width of a large van. Everything is in working order. I would not hesitate to drive this anywhere in the mainland USA. Great for Overland or Overlanding, and on and off road driving. Take it out on date night, and you will get more attention than any vehicle around. Be prepared to spend a little extra time at the gas station because everyone will stop and ask you questions. Almost all the men in your neighborhood will envy you, and almost all the women in your neighborhood will despise you, but all of the kids will love you.

Rare ex-Swedish Military Vehicle.
44000 kilometers
125hp inline 6 cylinder engine.
4 speed manual transmission.
Shift to Four Wheel Drive on the fly.
Low and High range transfer case.
Front and Rear Differential Lock.
Extremely high ground clearance with portal axles.
Can cruise at 60 mph.
35" 315/75/16 Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires with full size spare.
Rust free AluZink body.

Seating for 7 individuals.
Comes with original Shovel, Axe, and Snow Chains.

Current California Registration and Title. Smog exempt status on vehicle. It is almost impossible to have something like this registered in California now, but you won't have to worry about that with this vehicle.

I can furnish more pictures if interested.

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If I was handy enough to service these myself and didn't mind giving up modern safety features, what a dream machine and out here in CA to boot! Good luck on your sale and fair price!


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Man, that would be a long drive coming back east. Guess I could try to do the whole trip on dirt roads.


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Can you post some pics of the undercarriage and the engine? Also, what is the length, width, and wheelbase? thanks


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More pictures:

View from the front

View from driver side

View from rear

View from passenger side

I will post some pictures of the engine compartment next time.