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I like the one for the FJ Cruiser, but the site says for 2010 and on up.
Mine is a 2007, not sure why it would not work.

I take it they are lit up all the time too when the key is off?
Probably no worries though with a low current draw, much like an alarm warning light that blinks all the time.


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Thanks Sky, I think I would go for this option with the simple switch on the ground side.


Seriously thinking of getting this.


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I talked with a guy there, and he joined the forum after seeing the thread.
I still need to order the battery monitor.


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If anyone is interested, the Toyota blank switch dual battery meter total came to $64.50 AUD, but in US currency I paid $49.70, just placed my order.
I think the exchange rate said it was $1.00 US to $1.29 AUD.
Will probably take around two weeks to get it, and after I install it I will have it in my build thread and post a link here to it.

Since this draws such a low voltage, I may just wire them direct.
You do have to add more wire to it, I forget the gauge in my email exchange with them last week, but it is in my email at home.

Question, I have a Blue Sea box in my passenger footwell that goes directly to my aux. battery.
Can I just run the hot lead from this gauges aux, battery side directly to my Blue Sea box since it goes to the battery, or should I run the wire and fuse directly the aux. battery instead?


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Cool, thanks.
It would be just as easy to run it out the same hole that the wire comes in for the Blue Sea box as the battery is right behind the firewall.


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I thought this sticky thread was supposed to be Solar Power FAQ.

You guys need to start a new thread.

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